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  • dottie zold
    Apr 5, 2008
      Dear Sandor,
      During this lecture series by Frank Chester I found myself welcoming the idea of this hellacious time of my life because it is working towards the Christ. Now, we know this, but it has to be deeply carved within our being. It seems the only way for this to happen, to regular people like us, is to really really have our feet washed in the blood of the heart. To me this is the final crucifixion, it would be walked out in our very own physical journey here on Earth. It is a living hell for the future promise of the world, and our I AM.
      There is just to much reading of words and this idealism that serves at a younger age but not at an older age. I just realized I can see where dogma comes from: idealism that has not grown into a reality, a capacity. So if we have these very dogmatic people in their forties or late thirties, I think we can see that their idealism just hasn't grown up yet. They haven't woken up, they are still holding onto an idealism that is not conscious and is just full of their own subjectivity. Just like all of us who have flaws this is one as well and it must be transformed, it must grow up.
      One of the great things about St. Francis is this idea that out of his war like youth fortitude and courage grew into love that could be strengthened by both. What is so beautiful about him is that out of this a righteous was born, and grown into a capacity, but not out of judging others, rather out of LOVING others. To love is such a difficult concept really. The word just comes to easy off our lips and out of our mouths and into the ears of others. Real love can be felt, it doesn't even need to be said. Not that it can't be said, I think its great when it is, but it's not what makes Love true. What makes Love true is the embodiment of the true nature of Christ. This is the beauty of St. Francis.
      What it took, not just in one life of St. Francis, the horrors of personal inadequacies, of personal failures, of those secret things that no one else knows, the wounding of others, what embodying true love took, was the feet being washed in its own blood. Not just in the ego sense but in the consciousness of ones full actions and the affects it had on others. AND in this moment of consciousness, one that is not forgotten the next minute, one has the capacity to heal oneself by meeting the karma of that affect lawfully. The heart loves a lawful solution, this is something Frank said today. Now if we take into consideration what that means we have to consider what does he mean by saying 'the heart' likes a lawful solution? The heart is an organ. So what is he really talking about here? And if we are talking lawful it seems to me what is lawful is meeting it in the manner that the Lord of Karma would meet it: turning the other cheek. It's the heart turning itself as it does naturally during the blood moving through it.
      It seems to me that this is where the lower ego and the higher ego meet and how the blood is then etherized. Whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa dottie. Okay, yeah, this seems to me we have a bigger part of the heart and a smaller part of the heart and they both turn into one another in their movements. We have something like a lense that does this lemiscate thing that we have doing two things at once: looking at the periphery and the center. It's got its eye on both things at once: out of the past into the future. Well, this is me thinking on the fly of something I have been pondering but I kinda like that. I guess I'll see where this develops further.
      Anyhow, meeting our karma lawfully, means that we meet it in the way that the Beings of Form would meet it. What is the cosmic right way to meet any specific karma? Well boy if that aint the question of the day. And what I found is that its in the exact right place, the heart, the fire element, where things are transformed. But who has the courage to do almost the opposite of what they would naturally do? I mean the opposite. But not really the opposite, more like what we might not think is the right thing to do as our lower ego is raging, even if it doesn't look like it is, is raging to have its day, and yeah, sometimes rather sneakily in the trickster kinda way. Antipathies and sympathies are so important to have handled. It goes directly to the heart of the matter: pun definitely intended in all good ways:)
      But, yeah, Sandor, crisis is good if we can keep meeting the challenge each day. We must make a clear choice and move in it confidantly. But that must also be really vetted and worked through. Developing clear thinking free of antipathies and sympathies helps us to make a strong move in the moment with clear thinking. If we have not developed this clear thinking then it might take a little longer. But we must have courage and shake in our boots as we make these right moves. But move in them we must. These are life tranformative moments that in order to not keep repeating over and over we must take ourselves in hand.
      And everything has an age. At least that is what is really appearing to me lately. Everything has an age and a rhythm. My rhythm is meeting me exactly according to Jupiter in my sign. Twelve years ago the same things were happening, but this time I am meeting the end of what I began that many years ago. I am transforming a certain behaviour even though it looks the same, I am transforming it because I am conscious, I am becoming conscious of the consequences of my actions. At first I judged them but now I am realizing that no, no, this is what I had to go through to become conscious in the first place. And even though its hell I have found a lawful way to meet it. And I am meeting it by meeting the other persons in this karma that is causing this hell, and turning the other cheek to meet them. It is anti of everything that would seem natural to do in our human world unless you were a fool. And it is here that our feet are washed in the blood of our hearts and can then make the journey back up after the fall. My experience in any case.
      Clear thinking and clear choices free of antipathies and sympathies along with trust and faith in the laws of the cosmic world, free of any judgement, shame or blame.
      All good things Sandor,

      Albert Sándor <montek@...> wrote:
      "Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness." Immanuel Kant
      I am at the end ( I dare to hope) of an almost two years life crisis. I have learnt so much about the world and myself in these two years, but every dram was literally painstakingly earned. Important is that eventually I have heard the promise.
      Thank you for your post Dottie, and the encouragement. It made me seek out this quote from Kant, it catched my eye as the signature of a fellow poster on some forum. I am reading about Kant's life now ... even his name sounds providential.
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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Morality

      Hey Friends,
      I am reading the book on Francis Assisi by Rudolf Steiner and it is incredible, well, its a group of lectures put together in this book. Incredible.
      As I have been contemplating morality and my life and changes etc. I have had an experience of a Being I would say wakes up in us and it seems to be connected to our moral being. Steiner says that we have always been moral and that it changed during the time between Lemuria and Atlanta. But there seems to be a time to meet this being. It seems we meet this being when we really want to change something or have something to change. I think the moral aspect can live in us etc. but it seems something has to move in order for this to come about. And I think that is the beauty of mistakes, flaws, imperfections of our character: through these we come to know the Being.
      And this got me to thinking about what I heard Frank Chester say last night in his lecture regarding the fifth chamber of the heart. He said it is hidden, obviously, but that when, through geometry it moves another 20 degrees we have the fifth chamber. That is just astounding to me. And through this chamber is where we begin to experience the Christ in the etheric. Now, that's the heart thinking and this is where Anthroposophia and Christ meet. Or at least so is my studies.
      But imagine in order to live in this capacity, our hearts have to move another 20 degrees. !!! And this is where karma comes in. But it can't just be words. Words are nothing compared to what the being, our being, our I am chooses to do in any given situation. And sometimes the starkest of experiences in our lives help to move this another 20 degrees. So in our darkest times, as long was we work towards consciousness and try to see what is changing in our lives through what we are moving towards, we can know we are working towards this fifth chamber and Christ. So breathe, frieken breathe and change this behaviour.
      Love love love,

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