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  • SCos
    Mar 1, 2008
      this is my take on the fall, diaspora and the 20th century rise of israel.
      when discussing the mission of islam, i have often said that islam is the necessary pole of monotheism to counter-weight the other 2 religious forms, of duality and triune-ness. RS describes this necessity in MISSION OF FOLK SOULS. so when the old covenant of the jews was fulfilled with the birth and death of Christ, the jewish mission, as well its monotheistic impulse, was completed. as RS says in THE UNIVERSAL HUMAN lectures, when a race/culture ends its cycle, its the god's intention that said race/culture be extermintated and not continue its influence anymore. anytime such an impulse continues past its cycle, this is the luciferic working in human history.
      so when the jewish culture completed its mission, it should have ended in honor with the diaspora. 600 yrs later, the impulse of islam arose, as a historical necessity,  to replace the old jewish impulse of monotheism. however, the wonderful thing about the jewish culture is that it has hung on thru the most terrible  historical consequences and in the 20th century, it received its own country again, in israel. 
      i have remarked also that there are several very serious and terminal flaws to islamic theology, such that i always have thought that, one day in the far future, the jewish culture would arise again and replace the islamic culture as the flag bearer of monotheism- the necessary counter-pole of religious evolution during the 5th age.
      in this respect, RS in the 2nd lecture says that "Ahasuerus wanders from one ethnic group to another and one of his tasks is to PREVENT THE JEWISH FAITH FROM DYING OUT." this remark is extrodinary in that it seems to confirm my remarks about someday that the jewish culture will oneday replace islam. (bondarev has a different opinion about the mission of ahasuerus that is more sinister. )
      i am reminded of the words of a lecture from the ORDER OF THE ELECT COHENS, a masonic cult founded by martines de pasqually (occult Martinism) in the 18th century that "these descendants of Shem (the israelites) were the people chosen by the creator to manifest his marvels...they will recover their rights at the end of time........ .....and thru a complete reconciliation, become again elders of the gentiles."
      the first shall be last, again.
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