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36021Monthly gossip blog? Re: Editorial - NYTimes

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  • winters_diana
    Jan 4, 2008
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      You have a point. I *have* been trying to leave, it usually takes me
      several tries. If people would stop replying to me it would be
      helpful :) It becomes addictive and unconstructive - you're quite
      right. I'll try to pipe down.
      (stifling herself - been watching old Archie Bunker re-runs, Archie
      tells Edith to "Stifle yisself," or sometimes just, "Stifle,
      Edith . . ."

      > I would recommend a monthly gossip blog for Mrs. Winters. Hostile
      > exchanges seem to be the only thing she's genuinely interested in.
      > seeks to justify her own contributions of this nature by the
      > "look-see-who-started-it" approach. So she keeps digging through the
      > archives in order to revive any hostile exchanges of the past. Look
      > what so-and-so wrote about me, or to me. And when there isn't enough
      > of that, she'll intercept herself into any quarrel, or perceived
      > quarrel, between two other individuals, and then she goes on and on
      > explain to Jennifer what Gaelman wrote to Deborah and especially how
      > insulting he was, and if Jennifer hasn't been digging into this
      > nonsense like she should, it means she's been failing a very
      > subscriber duty and doesn't know what the group is all about!!!!
      > Gee whiz!
      > Tarjei
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