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35997Monthly gossip blog? Re: Editorial - NYTimes

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  • elfuncle
    Jan 4, 2008
      Frank wrote:

      , Diana, as you know, Carol and I are usually in complete
      > disagreement, but it is not the case here. I suggest that you make
      > yourself less disagreeable by condensing your comments into fewer posts.

      I would recommend a monthly gossip blog for Mrs. Winters. Hostile
      exchanges seem to be the only thing she's genuinely interested in. She
      seeks to justify her own contributions of this nature by the
      "look-see-who-started-it" approach. So she keeps digging through the
      archives in order to revive any hostile exchanges of the past. Look
      what so-and-so wrote about me, or to me. And when there isn't enough
      of that, she'll intercept herself into any quarrel, or perceived
      quarrel, between two other individuals, and then she goes on and on to
      explain to Jennifer what Gaelman wrote to Deborah and especially how
      insulting he was, and if Jennifer hasn't been digging into this
      nonsense like she should, it means she's been failing a very important
      subscriber duty and doesn't know what the group is all about!!!!

      Gee whiz!

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