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  • holderlin66
    Jan 3, 2008

      Musharraf Still Stands
      Posted on Jan 1, 2008

      By Amy Goodman


      Amy Goodman: Bhutto's Dead, Osama is Still Alive, and Musharraf is Still in Power 1/3

      Bradford comments;

      This is what we mean. Bhutto described in an interview with David Frost that Osama was dead.  Osama is dead but in the article by the actual Amy Goodman, she doesn't mention that OSAMA IS STILL ALIVE.  Because both Fox and BBC edited out the comment by Bhutto that Osama was killed.  Fox and the BBC edited it out.  And for Tarjei who loves Amy Goodman, I didn't see in the article she wrote a statement that Osama is STil Alive... that is precise Spin, Orwellian mind games, pure Military Intelligence training and pure Ahrimanic deception so that the monsters in Washington D. C. can still feed the fat slobs and Michael lard assses such nonsense to suspend disbelief for just a little, wee, while longer.  Oh please, please let them believe at all costs that the ghost of Che Guevara that so haunted the memory hole of every liberal revolutionary, has been spun back on our fat asses so that we will believe that the Egregore, Osama who did not do 9/11 stil haunts the world. 

      Al-Qaida for the reading impaired, who study reality and study Steiner in the same sloppy manner, Al-Qaida was the name of used for a CIA file on a whole group of infested black ops in the Islamic Arab community.  So let's summarize.  On BuzzFlash we see a headline that Osama is still alive and on Fox and BBC they edited out the clip with David Frost when Bhutto blurted out that she knew Osama was dead.  Well you can't have the public know that sort of thing.  In fact if that got out and if all the facts got out regarding the false tapes and everyone knew that Osama was dead, the whole scare tactics and fear mongering and links to black ops 9/11 would fall in a heap.  But the heap of crap that the NYT has caused by lying bare faced and shilling for Ahriman's War throne, the mighty Pentagon... the mighty War throne that defies the human form..that stands there just as Steiner predicted that Architecture would make a statement, would make a moral or immoral statement.

      We have wonderful cases of how Architecture speaks a whole new Moral language.  Every Waldorf School and the 1st Goetheanum itself and most Steiner centers speak a whole new organic architectural language.  The Pentagon speaks in defiance of the human form.  If we take the famous Da Vinci Man we see the defiance of Man itself in the War throne of the Pentagon.

      Bradford concludes;

      Disinformation and Orwellian Ahrimanic creep show and using psy-ops think tanks to create a ghost to haunt the new time, based on a pattern of Che, the Che the hidden and always active revolutionary undermining the world... Such psy-ops transference using a time rhythm of those whose etheric bodies lived through the youth culture to those that are now cowering before the latest Poster Child ghost Osama.  Honesty or insight, Amy Goodman is semi-watered down but she doesn't say Osama is alive... Osama is dead and Che is dead.  But the deception still lives and lurks, the egregore creep show in the soul of Anthros still lurks and what we get from the NYT that Frank so worships is baloney, they are paid and have a history of being paid and are shills of the War Throne of Ahriman.

      Students of George Orwell, you all seemed to flunk that fundamental class.  You can't even connect Ahriman properly... Frank in his Judas piece tries to appease, as Frank always does, he tries to appease and doubles and overlaps what he knows is a Luciferic insight into Judas, in his latest Judas Priest, a wonderful appeasement to his Catholic nature saying, Lucifer made me do it.  That may be true, Lucifer is an inspiration to Goethe and Frank, and Goethe mixed his Lucifer and Ahriman... and still when the text refuses to admit, ya, I'm Mephistopheles, I'm a smushed mix of Ahriman and Lucifer and I fit nicely in the guts of Catholics everywhere and let's throw in some sex... maybe a little Magdalene..  Frank knows the level of his readers Intel and panders to it.  So the accusation of appeasing and pander as well as Milton/Goethe confusion goes once more to Frank.... a wonderfully complex soul, I think we all agree on that.  A wonderful Michael student who cares, who cares deeply and really tries to be fair and grandfatherly.

      But as said, if we enter into the complexity of the piece that Frank offers we see the muddled complexity of kindly Michael student slowly giving his wisdom and slowly melting down the barriers so that his flock will ween themselves slowly and slowly see the deep wisdom that both Goethe and Frank and his impulses carry.  It is very wise in many ways.  It doesn't shock the system and it doesn' alienate the target audience.  And in sweet detail it is a healthy mix of the Mixed Metal King that Frank and all of us have in us.... Oh, that reference for those unfamiliar with Spiritual Science has to do with The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily.  The Threefold Kings under the surface of our being, in the subconscious, before subconscious was a word, Goethe and those Kings... and since we are approaching Jan 6 and the Three Kings.... perhaps we can see that the sloppy, tossed together salad of Frank's dense clay and mayaonaise king, with willo wisps everywhere is wonderfully transparent.... as is the Egregore of appeasement.

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