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35934Re: Solstice, Galactic Center and the Heart

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  • winters_diana
    Jan 1, 2008
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      This is the other thing I meant:

      gman to Deborah:

      >Deb, I don't think for a moment it has anything to do with "deep
      >beliefs" or anything having to do with your impressions of me.

      >You're not going to talk about Steiner's indications on the Christ
      >Event with anyone...plain and simple.

      Why isn't she going to talk about Steiner's indications on the Christ
      event with anyone? Do elaborate, Gaelman.

      >"You found me out"...no, not really...I kind of knew that of you all
      >along...not the "snob" part,

      What part, then?

      >that would require an extensive familiarity with spiritual science
      >and the frequent giving forth about it.

      You are revealing your ignorance again - she has studied spiritual
      science far, far longer than you have, old man.

      >You've had a bit of a go at misdirection...that's all...Deb, its not
      >that I disagree with your sentiments about anything...its just that
      >they have nothing to do with spiritual science.

      You don't disagree with her sentiments about anything. Her beliefs,
      her views, her opinions aren't the problem. Then what is your problem
      with her, exactly? I think you should spell it out. Not everyone here
      is too swift on the uptake with this sort of thing.

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