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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jan 1, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"
      <holderlin66@...> wrote:

      Hey, Bradford! Where ya been, baby? I guess you wrote this still
      reeling from a Texas bar-bee-q and beer New Years Eve, so I'll forgive
      the hyperbole. Anyway, you wrote, quoting Sister Carol:
      > "Ok, and so remove the part suggesting innocent reactive 'panic' on the
      > part of the Bush administration, the military, CIA etc etc vis a vis
      > Sept 11, 2001 and replace it with concealed FAULT- then the opinionated
      > piece would reflect outward TRUTH.
      > "I personally don't think that we should collectively continue to shy
      > away from looking at the scope of human mischeif being expressed in this
      > technological era we are living in. To avoid this only serves in
      > preventing more luminous fraternal Michaelic forces from circulating
      > amongst the striving consciencious and/or spiritually sensitive
      > incarnate souls. c."

      F: What both Bradford and his acolyte miss..is the point. And the
      point is that the article referred is a New York Times editorial. It's
      not from a two bit blustering blog that nobody reads and its not by a
      columnist. So the detail (go for it, Bradford) that they say Bush and
      Co. "panicked" rather than that they blew up the Towers with artfully
      concealed magical explosives, as claimed by fruitcake
      spiritual-waco-"scientists" is pardonable.

      > Bradford comments;
      > A day late and a dollar short! Worse, all along these stubborn Anthros
      > sat mocking the idea that the Bush and Cheney, Caiaphas collaboration,
      > or Bin Laden or 9/11 was a false flag set up for the Oil grab. Even
      > worse, they stood on this list diddling and squandering and promoting
      > sweet sentient soul pandering and for Frank, Frank wishes to prove that
      > he does recognize common sense. Jo Ann recognizes common sense, but how
      > terribly long..in short term thinking, how long for their mean spirited
      > egregorical denials, their jabs, their taunts, their mockery of their
      > own Michael fire Christ child...who isn't fed on sweet, sweet, sentient
      > soul vicious mood swings of sympathy and antipathy. Encouraged and
      > enabled the child abuse of the Christ Child in our souls by the
      > continued undercutting and playing tit for tat they relished, and they
      > then offer a NYT times editorial to show that they have some common
      > sense.

      F: They? Are you suggesting that JoAnn and I are clones? If so, which
      is the original? Or perhaps two peas in one pod? Or a bro-sis
      vaudeville act?

      B: Some insight. Rather with Frank's wonderful and clear
      > translating of condensed study items of Anthroposophical guidelines...
      > They ask, if someone could understand Time and the Trans-Temporal basis
      > of the wonderful Christ Being.
      > It was Tarjei who first brought this Time Being to our attention and all
      > Tarjei wanted to prove was something about Space Cadets. He took a
      > briliant insight and taunted those who were space cadets because
      > apparently he can't keep up with how we are retiring Einstein and
      > Physics and re-defining physics itself by including the Christ Being.

      F: OK, Bradford, how about some *condensed* insight on the space to
      time being. Seriously.

      B:> Then who could forget the Hind-brain, Fore-brain and mid-brain

      F: Ugh! I prefer leberwurst.

      B: > If they wanted to grasp what was meant by such insights they
      could have
      > done their homework, but no, they pander and pander still to a
      > Washington D.C. Administration that PANICKED... such excuses when it was
      > planned to deliver chaos and that Bin Laden has been dead for over four
      > years. Panic, what lame excuses for watered down Michael Intelligence.

      F: I get it. The admin. *wanted* the disaster which is now Iraq, and
      JoAnn and I (Ah, wait, one of us must be a troll - or maybe both. Who
      is behind it? Tarjei? Dottie? Diana?) are pandering to them - or to
      the NYTimes. Not clear. Bin Laden dead 4 years? We all know that
      Bradford would never disguise a mere opinion as fact, so this insight
      must have been obtained by supersensible investigation.

      B:> The only thing that graces this Holy Night, are the crisp, brief
      > guidelines that Frank has brought with such refreshing vitality.

      F: Thanks
      B: Yet.....
      F: Never mind "yet".

      B: if
      > I had to enter the complexity of the soul life and view the many sides
      > of the Frank Military Intelligence Egregore.. or Tom's military
      > Intelligence egregore, what we find is tainted, taunting compromise of
      > Dr. Steiner against doing very noble deeds for Dr. Steiner.

      F: Me and my good witch egregore (JoAnn?)have sent Cpl. Tom out on a
      secret intell. mission to undercoverly save the world from tarot-popes
      and bad conspiracy egregores.

      B: Frank is a
      > wonderful complex human being as are we all. The only thing potent and
      > powerful about this list so far is how much generous toleration, how
      > rich the variety of superficial joy that a classroom full of wrangling,
      > ad hom food fights on a daily basis allows everyone, including me, to
      > make a fool of himself.... and wise, grandfatherly Frank quietly re-sets
      > the Christimas feast after the malicious and silly sentient soul
      > classroom has been turned upside down.

      Fee-Fie-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an anthro-bum. Welcome back,
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