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35392Re: German Official Wants Scientology Ban

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  • winters_diana
    Dec 5, 2007
      It always amuses me the way you get your logic tangled up.

      Nobody that I know of on critics wants to see anthroposophy or
      Scientology banned.

      We're in favor in general of freedom of religion. (It's just stupid
      to pretend your religion isn't one.)

      In the US, there is religious freedom, and anthroposophists enjoy
      this and should not only speak up for their own rights in this
      regard, but that of other religions too. These rights should be
      protected. Critics are not in favor of discrimination against or
      persecution of anthroposophists.

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle"
      <hisholiness@...> wrote:
      > http://tinyurl.com/2ury2n
      > "Germany could be asked to ban the U.S.-based Church of Scientology
      > under a Hamburg security official's proposal that contends the group
      > violates human rights."
      > (................)
      > "The United States has said that Germany discriminates against some
      > religious groups, including Scientology, that Germany does not
      > recognize as a religion."
      > Comment:
      > The background for this proposal in German is very understandable.
      > Over in the hole, however, they seem to be entertaining a wet dream
      > conflating anthroposophy and scientology completely, hoping that
      > anthroposophy will be banned someday, not only in German but also in
      > the US and everywhere else.
      > Apart from the moral-ethical issue involved due to the fact that the
      > hole-dwellers have zero understanding of the difference between
      > loft-handed and right-handed occultism, there's another dilemma: If
      > they were to put Scientology and Anthroposophy in the same
      > basket by persuading the authorities that neither should be
      > as a religion, they would have to abaondon their present efforts to
      > establish that Anthroposophy _is_ a religion.
      > Tarjei
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