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  • elfuncle
    Dec 2, 2007
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      Sweet and gentle sister Diana wrote:

      > That's another clever inquisitor's tactic.

      Oh, I can give you some good ones, sister. Keep badgering everybody about what questions they have to answer when you've asked them, repeat those questions three or four times and badger them again and again even if they've taken a long break from the forum, then twist and misread and ridicule everything they've said, repeat your questions and add five more, repeat those too, and keep trying to find someone willing to be bullied: A masochist.

      Frankly, my cute little pumpkin doll, I don't think this tactic would be effective, because if there's something one doesn't give a shit about here, it's that kind of dumb noise, but it would be fun to try, wouldn't it? Perhaps you can succeed in making someone tremble from Fear of Sister Diana this way?

      You know, darling sister, inquisitor tactics may be fun, but you'll need some real threats to back them up. Such as exposing people's dirtiest sexual basement-secrets, maybe, if they don't answer your questions within 48 hours and things like that. Wanna try?

      Let's have popcorn, soda, peanuts, chocolate and ice cream to snack on in addition to the honey during the inquisition, pumpkin sister. then we'll have a swell time.

      Love and pain and snacks and hard questions,

      Brother Tarjei
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