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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Dec 2, 2007

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "winters_diana" <diana.winters@...> wrote:
      > I wrote:
      > >there's no use analyzing who I'm "picking on" - I just respond to
      > the >posts
      > But I admit I've definitely been on Dottie lately. She's a special
      > case, and her personality, along with maybe yours and Frank's,
      > essentially defines this list. I don't consider either you or Frank
      > nearly as destructive as Dottie. I admit I'm writing things that are
      > probably too personal about Dottie, that would not be allowed on the
      > critics list, and Dan would be saying "Don't talk about your fellow
      > subscribers," and I agree with his principles in this regard on the
      > one hand.

      Yes, Dan would certainly say that. But here we have freedom of speech, which allows me to say that with every post you're making more a fool of yourself. And now I understand why you're here: to let off the steamy farts you aren't allowed to emit in the WC, although that is the more appropriate place. All this strongly indicates that Tarjei's prayers for you aren't working. Maybe if Gman tried exocism?



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