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  • winters_diana
    Dec 2, 2007
      I wrote:

      >there's no use analyzing who I'm "picking on" - I just respond to
      the >posts

      But I admit I've definitely been on Dottie lately. She's a special
      case, and her personality, along with maybe yours and Frank's,
      essentially defines this list. I don't consider either you or Frank
      nearly as destructive as Dottie. I admit I'm writing things that are
      probably too personal about Dottie, that would not be allowed on the
      critics list, and Dan would be saying "Don't talk about your fellow
      subscribers," and I agree with his principles in this regard on the
      one hand.

      On the other hand some people set themselves up as gurus and lead or
      influence others by force of personality, and it's a fascinating
      phenomenon to watch. Some people are going to be susceptible to the
      Dottie's of this world no matter what anyone else says, but others
      might benefit from having some of her techniques pointed out
      explicitly - her self-appointed role as channel of Spiritual Truths
      through her visions and trances (most of which are probably phony) -
      her passion for defending dogmas she doesn't understand but makes up
      for in blind loyalty - her categorizing and labeling of people - her
      simplistic "Are you on our side or not" thinking - her instinctual
      lashing out the moment she feels uncertain - and her divisiveness and
      inquisitor's mentality (the latter probably stemming from the former).

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