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  • elfuncle
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Dear Sister Diana wrote:

      > When Dottie accuses someone of being able to "put two words together"
      > (as she just accused Tom), I understand her to mean she can't make
      > sense of what they write.

      No no no, sweet sister. When you only play with words, putting them together this way and that way, you're not communicating anything real, you're creating falsehoods based upon surface-thinking, a mode of thinking based exclusively upon words. In this way, you can twist any sentence into whatever amuses you. This is particularly practiced when translating from one language into another by the likes of PS, and it's very alluring for that demon inside you when the games thus played appeal to its pet prejudices.

      > She learned from some of the rest of you
      > that that is a good way to discredit someone who is making sense,
      > when you don't have any substantive reply to what they are saying -
      > or, even more often, when you're just worried that they *may* be
      > making sense but you can't be sure because you can't understand it.

      Wrong again, sister. You see, sister Dottie is a very smart reader, and she gets to the point and cuts right through the bullshit that befogs superficial readers with prejudices to feed. For the sake of your spiritual growth, you should learn from her. If you can't get along with sister Dottie, who loves you very much btw, you should read The Philosophy of Freedom, because it teaches you to think beyond the deceptive element of superficial word-games, and also beyond the illusions of naive sense-perception.

      > You accuse them of just having a way with words, or of being
      > too "intellectual" (never a virtue in anthroposophy). Dottie will
      > also lament that the person's intellect is wasted because they're
      > playing for the other team. It's always about sorting out who's on
      > which side with Dottie, and she likes anthroposophy partly because
      > it's cool to pick on smart people (like I say, as in junior high
      > school).

      Hold your horses, sweet sister. Dottie likes anthroposophy partly because it's cool to pick on smart people? That's that other demon of yours talking, sister, you know the dumb one. Because if you don't know better than that, you don't understand why anyone likes anthroposophy -- with the possible exception of yourself, dear. You are obviously deeply attracted to anthroposophy, because otherwise you wouldn't spend so much time and energy with anthro-groups. You also like to pick on smart people, which shows when you do so much attacking around here, and especially when you pick on Rudolf Steiner. So again, you're projecting.

      I would highly recommend a little chanting and some mantras, plus some salutes to the Spiritual Sun.

      Love and sweetness and flowers,

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