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  • winters_diana
    Dec 1, 2007
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      >Sweet sister Diana, going for her sister's jugular again, wrote:

      >Translate: She doesn't usually know what he's talking about, and that
      >bugs her, so she attacks somebody.

      >Oh darling, where's that AT shrink of ours, Dr. Mike T? You see,
      >this is something for the anthro-psychoanalyst, because you're
      >projecting bigtime here. I have hardly ever seen you address this
      >group without attacking someone, or without attacking the entire
      >group, precisely because you're bugged by your own lack of
      >understanding the topic at hand.

      When Dottie accuses someone of being able to "put two words together"
      (as she just accused Tom), I understand her to mean she can't make
      sense of what they write. She learned from some of the rest of you
      that that is a good way to discredit someone who is making sense,
      when you don't have any substantive reply to what they are saying -
      or, even more often, when you're just worried that they *may* be
      making sense but you can't be sure because you can't understand it.
      You accuse them of just having a way with words, or of being
      too "intellectual" (never a virtue in anthroposophy). Dottie will
      also lament that the person's intellect is wasted because they're
      playing for the other team. It's always about sorting out who's on
      which side with Dottie, and she likes anthroposophy partly because
      it's cool to pick on smart people (like I say, as in junior high

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