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  • elfuncle
    Dec 1, 2007
      Sweet sister Diana, going for her sister's jugular again, wrote:

      > Translate: She doesn't usually know what he's talking about, and that
      > bugs her, so she attacks somebody.

      Oh darling, where's that AT shrink of ours, Dr. Mike T? You see, this is something for the anthro-psychoanalyst, because you're projecting bigtime here. I have hardly ever seen you address this group without attacking someone, or without attacking the entire group, precisely because you're bugged by your own lack of understanding the topic at hand.

      Perhaps the reason why you're singling out your dearest of sisters, namely Dottie, is that she's the one who can help you with your spiritual understanding, so that you'll never again be bugged by your lack of such understanding, and then you won't feel the need to attack someone all the time. You probabloy don't believe that Dottie is willing to teach you after you've been so mean to her, but you're wrong, because that gal's got a heart of pure gold, I'm tellin' ya, and she'll be more than happy to join our mutual fellashippin'.

      Sister Dottie's heart
      Love, honey, flowers, blessings,
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