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  • dottie zold
    Nov 8, 2007
      Hey Friends,

      Looking over this past weekend and what Frank Chester
      brought forth I am finding correlations everywhere
      within me and without. It's like the Spirits of Form,
      and that Being who helps us to the Christ, whom Kelly
      Connor mentioned as an early consideration,
      Anthroposophia, as the Lower Guardian. That's
      interesting to me as I had been looking at the same
      damn thing last year and early this year. Oh well, I
      guess time and further study and contemplation will

      Anyhow, I wanted to share a thought on what is termed
      as the 'new organ of perception' by Rudolf Steiner,
      that amazing damn man. Now that Frank has opened the
      thought to the seven sided form, never shown before in
      the world, and connected it to the heart and the eye
      at the same time, I find myself thinking and
      contemplating and living with this.

      And this brought me to an understanding or maybe a
      thought towards how this organ perceives and what is
      different than what thinking and feeling are
      seperately. It seems to me that when developing this
      organ, through enobling our thinking and our feeling,
      I imagine in relations to everything and everything in
      life, we experience the Thinking and the Feeling right
      there in the silence of the heart. From there it seems
      to me that we are then aided in our Willing. And out
      of that it seems to me that higher perception and
      working with the Beings occur.

      This book The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail is an
      astonishing book for one who is interested in
      understanding deeply within this new organ and the
      significance of the Holy Grail.

      But the feeling and the thinking within what is also
      termed the 'Fifth Chamber' is of a higher order. I
      think its there we have to find a way to work out of
      when we do our relations and when we do our daily
      lives. It's almost as if from this region it rays out,
      rays out and also rays in and is meeting microcosm and
      macrocosm at the same time. Oh how the Beings must
      rejoice finding human beings who are able to penetrate
      to this understanding and experience and ongoing
      committment to develop this organ.

      All good things,

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