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32628August meteor showers

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  • doybia
    Jul 31, 2007
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      And now we see how against this Ahrimanic desire-element, against
      this animal desire-nature of man turned inside out, as it were, in
      the cosmos, an opposing force is present. The force which brings the
      human being into subjection through his emotions, dragging him down
      below the human to the animal level, and is revealed in full summer
      high above us — against this a counter-force is provided in the
      cosmos. This counter-force is seen in those remarkable products
      which from time to time fall on to the Earth as products of the
      cosmos and contain meteoric iron. If you look at a piece of meteoric
      iron, you have in it a remarkable witness of the iron dispersed in
      the cosmos. In the shooting stars which come so frequently in August
      and bring iron into special activity, as it were, in the cosmos, we
      see revealed this counter-force of Nature acting against the desire-
      element which by that time is out there in the cosmos. And in this
      cosmic iron, condensed to meteoric stones, we have the arrows which
      the cosmos sends out against the animal desire element which, as I
      have just described, is cosmically manifest.

      From "The Festivals and Their Meaning: Michaelmas IV" by Rudolf

      Thank you to the Rudolf Steiner Archive

      I love this lecture!

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