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32257Re: Pardon me while I puke

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  • winters_diana
    Jul 9, 2007
      >Di honey... you sound like those moslems who say 'death to the
      >infidel'. They also have nothing to offer just tear down. All you do
      >is tear down. Waldorf schools and Anthroposophical institutions have
      >spread for the last 90 years christian good will. So your opposition
      >to the Christian good will can only be seen to be retarded... no not
      >you personally although some of this retarded thinking does rub off on

      You have a little problem with Muslims, don't you? This is the second
      post where you've written something bigoted about Muslims, while
      apparently believing you're a shining example of "christian good will."
      Yikes. You remind me a lot of Mike T.
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