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31925Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Pardon me while I puke

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Jul 3, 2007
      This reminds me of something I read many years ago about a cat on
      Iceland, it was a terrorist cat, bulllying and frightening the
      neighborhood, killing other pets, very bad cat, and get this, folks,
      no kidding: He had what looked like half a Hitler mustache, really,
      and the ONLY thing that made him calm and peaceful was the sight of a

      So I figured perhaps the Hindus are right, that if you live a very
      bad life as a human, you come back as a beast, and in this case,
      Adolf was there as an Icelandic cat. But cats evolve, just like
      Heinrich, Hermann, and Adolf evolve, and the Icelandic cat of 40
      years ago probably reincarnated as a cat -- they do indeed have at
      least nine lives -- and perhaps even as Di's little bundle of love
      that nobody else can touch. I'm not so sure of that, what it means is
      Di doesn't have to wear a swastika to touch it.

      And yes indeed, Adolf was an animal lover, he adored dogs and cats,
      and he was a vegetarian, a true animal friend, just ask PS. Folks
      like Di should be more conscious of their animal loving history,
      which dates back to the Nazis, which means that the Nazi past of Di &
      her pets is very interesting to historians indeed; I recommend
      fifteen thick books about it.....


      The Magician wrote:

      >hey Frank Hyde Hide Jekyll or is it me... this is what Di wrote ...
      >Oh, God, Roger, please - I cry at the drop of a hat anyway, don't go on
      > > like this :) My indoor cats (who lead a life of ease and luxury) can
      > > act indifferent when we come home, "Oh, it's you. When's dinner?" but
      > > we have a stray in the yard who is fiercely attached to me personally -
      > > nobody else can even touch him - and he's a little bundle of love. I
      > > can't even stand the thought of how he'd feel if I suddenly wasn't here.
      > > Diana
      >What a sensitive objective beautiful thing to write. What is your
      >problem franky man there is absolutely nothin at all to puke
      >about. You really got something against this lady. Di is absolutely
      >a wonderful human being comon you and Dot get a reality check and
      >give this poor woman a break.
      >yours Truely
      >The Magician
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