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  • elfuncle
    May 31, 2007
      Sorry folks, the Yahoo email thing seems to be messed up from my
      end. The emails I'm sending through my ISP outgoing mail server to
      Yahoo Groups are not coming through, but regular email is working
      and posting from the web seems to be working, but there's something
      not right with the Rich-Text Editor. The rich text post that shows
      up on the web looks 95 per cent OK, but the copy I get in my inbox
      is all mangled up with 70 per cent of the text missing and the rest
      misformatted. I've been trying to do some posts here and they'll
      probably arrive in duplicate or be partially unreadable; I'll try to
      fix it later.

      It may have something to do with the trollwar going on with the
      hole; there's a very mean troll over there called Os or Ossie or
      something, and he's written that anthroposophists are out to destroy
      the entire planet and all of humanity. He's into militia, automatic
      weapons, swat teams, ski masks, and full combat, posting with total
      anonymity and some sort of IP-hiding software, and who knows what
      kind of havoc violent, armed, and dangerous hole trolls of his ilk
      can cause....