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31166Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Spirit and Soul

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  • dottie zold
    Apr 30, 2007
      > You got it right, Dottie, but I think there's
      > another
      > aspect as well - people not knowing how to conduct
      > themselves in groups, which is something that can be
      > learned and practiced. There are volumes written
      > about
      > this. You say we must agree. But what if we don't?
      > This is where things often become conflictive in
      > anthropop institutions. I consider it naive to think
      > that we can *always* agree. So what happens if we
      > don't? "Postponed till next meeting". No good,
      > status
      > quo. There should be a plan B - which can be
      > decision
      > by majority if all else fails.

      Hey Frank,

      My thought is that we have to 'agree to disagree and
      still come to an agreement'. And that would mean that
      a majority rules in the end. But if we have all agree
      that we will have disagreements but have to come to an
      agreement in any case things are altered in the room.
      Or at least this has been my experience. And usually
      when we agree to disagree we are acting like adults.
      Those that have their hearts set on one way or another
      will be those with stick out like sore thumbs. And
      that person(s) get to sit in and look at how they are
      beholden to one way or another even against all odds:
      The personality holds sway versus the eternal being.

      Now, not everyone is interested in looking at
      themselves so a good beginning for any group can be
      words from Rudolf Steiner speaking about the need to
      let go of antipathies and sympathies to a thing, the
      personal needs, and look towards the eternal that is
      not always so obvious.

      It's difficult work but my experience is that once
      some basic groundrules have been set things move so
      much smoother than if they had not. And the basic
      groundrule is that we are going to agree to disagree
      and yet still come to an agreement.

      All good things Frank,

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