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31043Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Linesearcher for today

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Mar 28, 2007
      --- lightsearcher1 wrote:

      > Does anyone see anything other than incorrectly and
      > irregularly broken lines in each of the five items
      > I posted?
      > Anyone else know what causes this? (it is a
      > perennial problem with text generated on a Mac
      > I think. I thought the hidden line feed characters >
      were the culprit but maybe not.

      Yeah, I see it on yours and also on my own posts. And
      I write on a PC running Windows XP. I suspect that
      Yahoo Groups has turned off word wrap, because this
      tends to be a problem on yahoogroups and not with
      email I receive from other sources. If you check out
      the testing... email I sent earlier (only once! You
      can check my outbox!) you'll see that you probably
      need to set your line width to a paltry 55 characters
      per line to avoid the word wrap. Which I haven't done
      yet... grumble grumble... guess I'll do it before I
      send this post...

      Hmm... surprise, surprise, 55 characters is the
      default outgoing message width in yahoo mail. Doesn't
      explain the Mac thing though....

      Musing, do androids dream of electric sheep...

      "Life's short and we never have enough time for the hearts of those who travel the way with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to be kind." --Henri-Frederic Amiel
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