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30912Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: more on mathematics

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  • Frank Smith
    Mar 4, 2007
      --- kmlightseeker <kmlightseeker@...> wrote:

      > I said:
      > > Some corrections (Assuming you didn't mean the
      > above figures to be
      > > incorrect :) [Ok, i'm guessing the latter is more
      > likely, but I think
      > > the correct representations need to be made here.
      > :) ]):
      > >
      > I was remiss in mentioning that the latter
      > possibility was that Frank
      > was intentionally being incorrect. Sorry about that.
      > :)

      Actually, I wasn't trying to be incorrect, but was
      using Occram's Razor method, just counting the
      letters, therefore fts=3. But in any which way, I see
      a problem because of different languages. Numerology
      may work in Hebrew, fe, but when translated into a
      different language, it becomes nonsense (I assume).
      But if something is true, it must be so in any
      language - a concept, for example. Can a concept be

      Frank Thomas Smith

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