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30888Verse Inspired By Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom.

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  • philosophyoffreedom
    Feb 28, 2007
      Anthroposophy Friends,

      Clifford Monks has spent many years in the study and teaching of Rudolf Steiner's foundation book The Philosophy of Freedom.  He regularly submits verses to philosophyoffreedom.com .  This verse is about the book and the author.  I hope you enjoy it.  -Tom Last

      The Author

      Straight he went to Eden's door
      And he was welcomed in,
      A mighty yet humble traveller
      Now defeating the wages of sin.

      And past the old tree now withering
      To the Tree of Life he went,
      And gladly the branches bearing its fruit
      Down to the traveller bent.

      He plucked the fruit, and angel voices
      Sang the hymn of creation's story
      And the traveler who was, on the Tree of Man
      Purest fruit of its own flowering glory,

      Who ate now the fruit, then bearing the core
      Straight out he went from Eden
      And planted the seeds in a book he wrote
      Called "The Philosophy of Freedom."