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30605Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Credibility

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  • Frank Smith
    Feb 6, 2007
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      --- gaelman58 <gaelman58@...> wrote:

      F:> > Gaelman, you a mon arfter me own heart. Now how
      > about
      > > apply some of that logic to papal infallibility!
      > > Frank
      > >
      > Frank: You'd of course know that any modern man
      > would be hard put to
      > make a convincing intellectual case for Papal
      > Infallibility...or the
      > influence of the celestial hierarchies...or for that
      > matter, the
      > Resurrection itself, eh?

      But very easy to make a convincing argument against
      the possibility of papal infallibility.

      > Years ago I did a bit of reading about that
      > particular dogma and came
      > up empty. The theological subtleties were beyond my
      > ken.

      You don't need theological subtleties, all you need is
      your own logic to realize that no man is infallible
      just because HE (or anyone else) says so.

      There are
      > elements of Anthroposophy that lie beyond my
      > intellectual grasp as
      > well. In any event, the truth or falsity of Papal
      > Infallibility gets
      > trumped in my mind by what I read in the
      > Catechism...e.g. "Conscience
      > is the aboriginal vicar of Christ" and "Man has the
      > right to act in
      > conscience and in freedom so as personally to make
      > moral decisions.

      > is the aboriginal vicar of Christ" I don't get that;
      it must be *very* subtle.

      > 'He must not be forced to act contrary to his
      > conscience. Nor must he
      > be prevented from acting according to his
      > conscience, especially in
      > religious matters'".

      Loverly, late but loverly.

      > I do Catholicism. You don't. I suspect it's a
      > matter of conscience
      > for both of us...conscience, but more importantly,
      > experience. I
      > haven't had bad experiences in the Church. I assume
      > you have.

      I haven't had bad experience in the Church, at least
      not of the kind I think you mean. The only thing is
      the insult to my intelligence.

      > don't have your antipathy toward the Church but I
      > will not say your
      > antipathy does not have its justification...after
      > all, what the hell
      > do I know about your experience.

      No experience other than yours; all you need to be is
      objective and see through the bullshit.

      > I can't say I agree with your recent call to impeach
      > the Pope...oops,
      > my bad, ...you were referring to that guy with the
      > good-looking wife,
      > eh?...regards, McCann
      Impeach the Pope? How many divisions does *he* have?

      Frank Thomas Smith

      We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love
      (and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.
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