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  • Lucas Dreier
    Feb 4, 2007
      Hello Christopher et al,

      This is an interesting question you have posed. While I do not claim
      expertise, I will put forward a few thoughts on the subject.

      Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science encompassed a broad understanding
      of the different dimensions, forces, processes, and beings of the
      spiritual worlds, and as such it embraced what I would refer to
      as "multiple levels of causality." That is, from an anthroposophical
      perspective, one can understand the unfolding of earthly phenomena
      from various different perspectives referencing different spiritual

      The question about Mani (Manes/Manu) in regard to Waldorf education
      is a case in point. Steiner made various comments about the purpose
      of Waldorf education, and while they might appear to be at variance
      with each other, they in fact simply represent mutliple facets of a
      coherent whole. Thus, it would be just as accurate to say that
      Steiner created Waldorf education in order to cultivate free thinkers
      as it would be to say that he created it to enable the incarnation of

      Now, once could certainly make an argument that Waldorf schools
      should try to explain the entire spiritual-scientific underpinnings
      of Waldorf education to prospective parents, but the fact that they
      do not is more likely a practical consideration -- to provide a
      coherent summary would probably require a 100-page brochure!
      Certainly it is a stretch to suppose that the absence of references
      to Mani in the Waldorf literature is part of some hidden agenda.

      As far as the historical context, you are correct that Steiner
      rejected the Theosophical designation of Krishnamurti as the
      Christ/Maitreya (as you say, Leadbeater combined the two
      appellations). According to Steiner's research, the Maitreya, the
      Christ, and Mani are separate and distinct beings, each with
      particular earthly missions. He indicated that the Christ being would
      re-emerge "in the etheric" during the twentieth century and that both
      Mani and the Maitreya would incarnate physically, probably before the
      end of the twentieth century. (Steiner's statements about the
      Maitreya have been argued over and written about extensively
      elsewhere, but for now I will stick to Mani.) So, it is certainly
      possible that Mani has already incarnated and has gone to a Waldorf
      school. If this is so, and if he proceeds to perform the sort of
      leadership of humanity that, according to Steiner, is his cosmic
      mission, then humanity would owe a debt of gratitude to Waldorf
      education. On the other hand, it would be highly unfortunate if Mani
      were not able to incarnate properly due to shortcomings in the
      development of Waldorf education and the threefold social order.

      However important Mani's incarnation may be, however, it is only one
      of a multitude of positive outcomes that Steiner felt would be made
      possible by the development of Waldorf education.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher"
      <vindexeuropa@...> wrote:
      > I posted this elsewhere, but I would like to think what you think
      > well.
      > The most disturbing thing I ever read about Steiner was from a
      > lecture given in 1946 at the Threefold Community in NY state. I
      > always thought Steiner was the rational one during the Krishnamurti
      > fiasco of the Theosophical Society. From what I understood, Steiner
      > completely rejected Theosophical attempts to pass a boy off as the
      > reincarnation of Maitreya. However, then I discovered this little
      > "The threefold social order of Rudolf Steiner is particularly a
      > preparatory work to bring about a future incarnation of Manes. I
      > discussed with Rudolf Steiner the question of when would be the
      > proper time for the application of etheric forces for technical
      > He said that this would be when the threefold order is established.
      > He said that Manes could not find a suitable body yet, that all the
      > forces he would be able to bring to an incarnation would be
      > by modern education. Therefore he said that Waldorf education
      > first to come into being and that the threefold social order must
      > also come into being.
      > Therefore I would see it as our immediate task to bring about this
      > threefold order first through thought and then through action, so
      > that Manes can incarnate. By karma, Manes' incarnation would be due
      > by the end of the century. Whether this will be possible I do not
      > know, but if the threefold social order and Waldorf education were
      > established he could incarnate. I see it as our task to make the
      > preparations so that he can incarnate again."
      > Ehrenfried Pfeiffer
      > 1946
      > And to confirm this, I also quote Bernard Lievegoed from his THE
      > BATTLE OF THE SOUL ( 1993 ):
      > "Rudolf Steiner once said to Pfeiffer that he had started the
      > school and the threefold social order to make the incarnation of
      > and his helpers possible. Let us hope there are enough active
      > anthroposophists to accomplish what Manu needs for his development.
      > And let us hope anthroposophists will recognize him once he is
      > My question is this: How many people who are involved in Waldorf
      > education, whether they be teachers, parents, students, etc, are
      > aware that the grand purpose of Waldorf is to create a culture
      > conducive to the incarnation of a spirit being named Manes/Manu??
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