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30468Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Credibility

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  • Frank Smith
    Feb 2, 2007
      --- gaelman58 <gaelman58@...> wrote:

      > There are any number of intelligent moderate people
      > who are opposed to
      > the current administration. Many of them are in the
      > media. They use
      > the same sources of information available to the
      > rest of us to make
      > their case in trying to persuade the American public
      > that the Bush
      > political/economic agenda is an utter failure.
      > These folks are for
      > the most part sincere. They are certainly not
      > stupid or less informed
      > than anyone on this list.
      > That latter bit is the primary reason that no major
      > media outlet has
      > even suggested the possibility of a governmental
      > conspiracy regarding
      > the events of 9/11. Were the NY Times or NBC
      > Nightly News to break
      > such a story with the kind of evidence presented
      > here, their
      > credibility as reliable news sources would
      > immediately go into the
      > toilet. Their media competitors would gleefully
      > have a field day
      > poking fun at them. They, not the conspiracy, would
      > be the hot news item.
      > But there is indeed a place for the "reporting" of
      > such conspiracies.
      > I'm referring to those tabloids one sees at the end
      > of the check-out
      > lines at supermarkets. You know....the ones
      > reporting Hillary's
      > affair with her chauffeur and the woman who gave
      > birth to an alligator.
      > Funny thing...I've never seen anyone buy one of
      > those tabloids...G.

      Gaelman, you a mon arfter me own heart. Now how about
      apply some of that logic to papal infallibility!

      Frank Thomas Smith

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