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30440RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Truly Distracting 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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  • Frank Smith
    Feb 1, 2007
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      --- Tarjei Straume <straume@...> wrote: (see
      Golly Taz, thanks. I've been a skeptic about the
      skeptics, but now that you've explained EVERYTHING -
      I'm AWAKE.

      > So Atta and those guys - they've been found in Saudi
      > Arabia - by
      > whom? And how were their identities verified? Do
      > they live in hiding
      > in Saudi Arabia, under assumed names? What's the
      > story?
      > So the skyjackers were not Atta & Co, but Jewish
      > Israel-fanatics like
      > some people suggested here earlier? Or the planes
      > weren't skyjacked
      > at all, at least not all four of them; whey were
      > Pentagon missiles
      > disguised as passenger jets, the Pentagon shooting a
      > big hole in
      > itself, which leaves plenty booked passengers
      > unaccounted for. Maybe
      > those passengers were sneak-murdered by the CIA and
      > secretly buried
      > in the Nevada desert or somewhere near Langley,
      > after they'd been
      > forced, coerced, hypnotized, or tricked into making
      > fake distress
      > calls to emergency operators and loved ones with
      > their cell phones.
      > Perhaps they live in Saudi Arabia too, those
      > vanished passengers who
      > never boarded any planes, being taken care of or
      > held captive by the
      > Saudi royal family, the Arab Bush-buddies. Maybe the
      > named skyjackers
      > and the vanished passengers all live in the same
      > place, as CIA
      > Basement Children. Lots of funerals with coffins
      > containing rocks.
      > Were their families in on it, pretending to have
      > lost them, or were they duped?
      > The corporate TV stations, privy to the plot, made
      > the missiles look
      > like commercial jets by editing the images while
      > they were sent live.
      > With a little help from aliens, of course - Bush's
      > guest worker
      > program :) So if they weren't jets or missiles, they
      > were UFOs.
      > I certainly don't want to be asleep and
      > close-minded. Far from it, I
      > want to be awake and open-minded and hip and alert
      > and sharp and
      > smart, so please count me in. Gee whiz, I'm alive
      > and awake, and I'm
      > a believer in amazing stunts.
      > Move Over Houdini!
      > Im gonna write a little letter,
      > Gonna mail it to my local PI.
      > Its a rockin' plottin' story
      > I want my detective to buy.
      > Roll over Houdini, I gotta see him again in the sky.
      > You know, my temperatures risin'
      > And the Air Force blows the twin towers.
      > My heart's beatin' rhythm
      > And my soul this scene devours.
      > Roll over Houdini and give Uri Geller the showers.
      > I got the plottin' pneumonia,
      > I need a shot of mild-blowin' stuff.
      > I think I'm rollin' arthiritis
      > Sittin' down by the 9-11 bluff.
      > Roll over Houdini, his stunts ain't no longer
      > enough.
      > Well, if you feel you like it
      > Go get your story right, reel and write it.
      > Roll it over and move on up just
      > A trifle further and really bite it,
      > Roll it over,
      > Roll over Houdini, his stunts ain't no longer
      > enough.
      > Well, early in the mornin' I'm a-givin you a warnin'
      > Dont you step on my beautiful tale.
      > Hey diddle diddle, I am playin' my fiddle,
      > I've hit this on the nail.
      > Roll over Houdini and make Uri Geller wail.
      > Secret Service wiggles like a glow worm,
      > Dance like a spinnin' top.
      > They've got a crazy partner,
      > Oughta see Cheney reel and rock.
      > Long as he's got engineers, my stories will never
      > stop.
      > Roll over Houdini,
      > Roll over Houdini,
      > Roll over Houdini,
      > Roll over Houdini,
      > Roll over Houdini and dig these CIA tricks.
      > (With grateful appreciation to Chuck Berry, who
      > turned eighty a few
      > months back.)
      > Tarjei

      Frank Thomas Smith

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