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29899Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Ad hominem spellings (was: Quiz: Do YOU Want the Terrorists to Win?)

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  • Frank Smith
    Dec 7, 2006
      --- Tarjei Straume <straume@...> wrote:

      > You forgot to explain the background for this,
      > Frank:
      > Over in the Hole, where anthro-warrior veterans
      > Frank and Dottie are
      > doing their tenth or fifteenth tours of combat duty
      > (Operation
      > Spiritual Freedom), the moderator recently accused
      > Dottie of ad
      > hominin' Peter by writing "Pete" instead. According
      > to Mr. Dugan,
      > this was a deliberate insult by Dottie the Devious,
      > whose typos,
      > accidental in appearance only, are always filled
      > with malice and
      > anthro-voodoo. Nobody fools Mr. Dugan, who is an
      > expert on all such
      > occult anthro-mischief!

      Of course Dottie should have a special exemption from
      this new rule. We all know that her *apparent*
      spelling mishaps are nothing less than literary
      anthro-innovations - like James Joyce, et al.

      Frank Thomas Smith

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