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29897Ad hominem spellings (was: Quiz: Do YOU Want the Terrorists to Win?)

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Dec 6, 2006
      You forgot to explain the background for this, Frank:

      Over in the Hole, where anthro-warrior veterans Frank and Dottie are
      doing their tenth or fifteenth tours of combat duty (Operation
      Spiritual Freedom), the moderator recently accused Dottie of ad
      hominin' Peter by writing "Pete" instead. According to Mr. Dugan,
      this was a deliberate insult by Dottie the Devious, whose typos,
      accidental in appearance only, are always filled with malice and
      anthro-voodoo. Nobody fools Mr. Dugan, who is an expert on all such
      occult anthro-mischief!


      Frank wrote:

      >TO: Sophia (urgent!)
      >Madame: I recommend an ad hom literacy rule. After 18 warnings,
      >anyone (nothing personal Mike) who continues to misspell and
      >generally abuse any language, is to be booted into the hellish
      >basement permanently.
      >Frank Thomas Smith
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