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29858Re: Talkin' Jews (was: drugs, lifestyles, and the Holocaust)

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  • Mike helsher
    Dec 3, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume
      <straume@...> wrote:

      > The Hole Dwellers have criticized Steiner
      > severely for mentioning that a Jewish friend of
      > his had "outgrown his Jewishness". This was
      > supposed to be anti-Semitic. Have they ever tried
      > to contemplate what the Doctor meant? To me, it
      > looks fairly simple: To think outside one's
      > ethnic, religious, or national box. (The opposite
      > of this is patriotism, "My country right or
      > wrong," which literally means, "My mother drunk
      > or sober," which is ridiculous.)

      Clearly a Mountain out of a Mole hill. And it would seem that those
      who see Modern anti-semitism in the words on paper, can't seem to
      think out of what ever Box they are thinking in. Indeed the big
      picture that Steiner puts forth is Monumental in the direction of
      thinking past Dogma and propaganda and any sectarian orthodoxy. But I
      suppose if your looking for a gnat, on a cows ass, in the middle of a
      100 acre farm field in up state Vermont - you could find one.
      > By this definition, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky,
      > Norman Finkelstein, Seymor Hersh and all the
      > others have "outgrown their Jewishness".
      > Political opponents are prone to accuse them of
      > self-hatred, treason, extremism, and every other
      > derogatory and politically charged liberal-hating
      > epitaph farted out by our very own Mr.
      > Lightsearcher. Outgrowing one's ethnicity or
      > nationality, becoming a homeless soul, has a
      > price. You'll be attacked from the right by
      > orthodox conservatives and from the left by the likes of Peter S.

      Priceless! Brain chemistry inspired deualistic simplicity gives off
      the same kind of comforting braingasms as a boat load of chocolate
      does to a chocoholic. And where is the learning in all these
      calculated concepts stated with so much one-sided arrogance?

      Humm, I have a new theory...it's not so much the Gandalf denial, as
      it is....GRINCH DENIAL!...that seems to pleauge all these ACCUSERS,
      and wagging finger pointers. As Stewart Smally as it may sound, there
      are always three times as many fingers pointing right back at the
      finger pointer. I personally only trust those who are not prone to
      telling the truth about their own shit, as well as that of others. Mr
      lightsearcher, and Mr. Mason pay lip-service to this.

      Seems also that being attacked by both left and right could be a sign
      that yur doing something truly Moral..IMO.

      > And Uncle Taz concludeth with a few final words of wisdom:
      > They have to stop all this nonsense about
      > left-wing and right-wing. It has no place in the
      > 21st century. Left and right wings belong on a
      > bird or an airplane up in the sky, not on the
      > ground, and certainly not in politics. By the
      > same token, they have to stop talking about "the
      > West Wing" and call it something else, like "the
      > West Office" or something. The White House
      > doesn't fly to the best of my knowledge.

      Yeee Haaa! (words that scared Richard Prior).

      And they should be Honest and revert to the "Defence departments"
      original name....


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