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29852To Whom It May Concern

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  • petergregory2006
    Nov 29, 2006
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      I posted this message yesterday but it didn't show up on the list.
      Perhaps the moderators thought it was not Anthroposophically
      orientated. I believe it is, although the subject matter might
      appear to be political.

      Conspiracy watchers would do well to turn their attention to Russia,
      where a number of assasinations have occurred over recent years.

      The recent death of Alexander Litvinenko may appear at first to be
      the work of the Russian FSB (secret police), but it has been noted by
      a number of news organisations around the world (CNN, Pravda and the
      BBC to name but three) that the death of this critic of Vladimir
      Putin was well planned and intended to be very public. It is quite
      possible that not Putin but the Russian exile Boris Berezovsky (now
      known as Platon Elenin) was behind the assassination and did so to
      discredit Putin. Berezovsky believes Putin will stage a coup d'etat
      before handing over power in 2009; so by orchestrating this
      assassination, he will have drawn world-wide attention to the
      questionable nature of Putin's presidency.

      The true motive as well as identity of the perpetrator is as yet
      unclear. Either way, both men have been linked with previous
      assassinations. What is clear however is that this is more than an
      expression of infighting between Russian Oligarchs. Litvinenko was a
      former FSB colonel and had inside knowledge of their operations. He
      claimed that the Russian apartment bombings in September 1999 were
      not the work of Chechens but were orchestrated by the FSB itself.
      The apartment bombings gave rise to the Second Chechen war. They
      also brought Putin to prominence. Prior to the bombings, Putin was
      relatively unknown. His election three months later, based on his
      reputation as a strongman, was a direct consequence of his pursuit of
      the war.

      If Litvinenko is right, Putin's election as president of Russia was
      fraudulent. Putin, by all appearances, is a very ordinary human
      being. There is little in his biography to suggest Presidential
      material. Those behind him (refered to as 'siloviki') may have
      chosen him because, being not altogether bright, he is easy to

      What makes any of this of interest to those living outside Russia is
      that this might well be the new model of democracy; choose a publicly
      acceptable frontman, stage a phoney war to provide him with the
      appearance of leadership, and work behind the scenes to retain power
      over the masses.

      Sounds familiar?
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