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29846Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: for the WC people (Franky, Dottie, Tarjei)

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  • dottie zold
    Dec 3, 2006
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      Mr. Mason, one does not have to be a historial expert
      to converse on the human tragedy that took place at
      the hands of the Nazis. To think one does seems to
      leave open the question that you and other holocaust
      deniers bring and that is that 'it's not all what you
      think it was'. It was! all that we think it was and
      much worse.

      I am thankful that Vorstand stood up against such
      ignorance posing as spiritual science with Rudolf
      Steiner's name attached to give it more weight.
      Shameful is what it is and very hurtful to the
      Society. You promote his work as well as say 'well if
      you have a need for historical truth...', as if, as if
      what you and Bondarev are pushing is the real truth
      that we just all have been hoodwinked by. What a


      --- Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:

      > To Mike H, who wrote:
      > >>. . . . based on your assumptions . . . .<<
      > Robert writes:
      > You might want to go back and take note of
      > words such as *maybe* and *if*.
      > Mike wrote:
      > >>So if you wanna chat some of your Holocaust
      > denial Jive . . . I might be willing to
      > accomadate [sic] your seeming need for
      > "earnestness and sencerity [sic]".<<
      > Robert writes:
      > I don't much want to "chat" about what you
      > call my "Holocaust denial Jive"; I groan
      > inwardly at the thought of getting my
      > cyber-fingers stuck in that tar baby again.
      > But if you have a "need" or desire to
      > search for historical truth in that area,
      > I might be willing to try to accommodate
      > you, within reason. But I am no special
      > expert; you might have as much success
      > just by doing some Googling on your own.
      > . . . But I suspect that I am dealing with
      > another quirky sense of humor, and that
      > you are more interested in my "basementology"
      > than in history. Please be assured that I
      > look into my own basement regularly, and
      > that I have sometimes explored down there
      > with professional guidance and in "group
      > work". I don't intend to attempt such
      > "work" with this "group" of amateurs in
      > this very public cyberspace.
      > Robert Mason
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