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29837Just a little ad homin' flamin' (was: for the WC people...)

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Dec 1 5:28 AM
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      Robert writes:


      Now I'm thinking that maybe you do really smoke dope and that your rants about me are the expressions of your stoned, freaked-out sense of humor. Or maybe you smoke so much dope that you don't know when you are making stuff up or when you are joking or when you are serious?

      Well Robert, although Bob Dylan once sang "Everybody must get stoned", you should have enough sense to stay off the hard stuff, especially Crack'n'Smack and such. When you mix that with hard liquor, staying crazy as a loon, stoned in the morning, and drunk in the afternoon as Charlie Daniels put it, only the Basement knows what kind of projections you spew out. I highly recommend that you get into rehab fast. This smack'n'Crack you've been messing with for so long is really eating you up, and you should know better than anybody that it's very bad for your soul to be reading Mein Kampf under such influence. Uncool vibes, man.

      But, to me, that blatantly false excuse is an indication not of a lack of seriousness so much as a lack of sincerity. Still, maybe you are so permanently stoned that you had forgotten that you do read the WC?

      No surprise that the Hole is one of your nasty hangouts, probably because Diana reminds you of Goebbles in a kinky sort of way :)

      Some years ago I read Ron Dunselman's book *In Place of the Self*. So I Googled a little and found the article "Not I: The Physical and Non-Physical Effects of Drugs, and their Treatment"< http://www.charlest.uklinux.net/arta.html>

      I'm glad to see that you're contemplating action with regard to your decadence, starting with research.

      This brief overview of Dunselman's work includes this passage:

      "Hashish (marijuana) and opium affect the link between the life and feeling bodies [i.e. the etheric and astral bodies -- RM] B. They induce a dream consciousness as when asleep, though the drug user is awake. Hash is metabolised very slowly with traces still present in the brain after some 30 days. Very frequent users experience loss of memory and become confused, producing the so called 'hash-thought'."

      It's interesting to know what kind of hash-thought confusion the lyrics of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson come from, but here's the passage for you, buddy:

      Alcohol and heroin work on separating the I from the feeling and other bodies A. Heroin, for instance, produces a slowing down and lack of feeling or morality, with the person acting like a zombie. Withdrawal then produces the opposite effect and the person goes into a highly active state, being distressed at any amoral actions they took while under the influence of the drug. Alcohol also dispels one's cares, separating the Ego and making it harder to live in the other bodies. At this point, Ron described how alcohol aided the development of the I in earlier times, where it was drunk at specific times for specific purposes. The word 'symposia' comes from the Greek for 'to drink together'. The miracle of Christ turning water into wine is another indication of this connection between alcohol and Ego growth in ancient times, particularly with the relationship of the Christian impulse to the development of the I . However, our physical constitution is now different and alcohol will adversely affect our Ego forces making it more difficult to bring our higher selves into our daily life. If we look at the development of the child through the stages of firstly standing upright, followed by speech, and then by thinking, we can see how all of these are affected by alcohol!

      With regard to drugs that force the sheaths together, Ron mentioned cocaine and ecstasy. Cocaine and amphetamines force the feeling body into the life and physical bodies, but the I is not included. The lungs and heart are over-stimulated and an excessive dose can cause respiratory or cardiac arrest, both being severe disturbances of the life body, not to mention the physical body. Ecstasy is also like cocaine providing the ability to dance all night, but also has another effect like hashish. The feeling body expands and mixes with that of others, thus providing the feelings of 'togetherness'. The sense perceptions of the lights and music from the parties can persist for many months afterwards and Ron described how one of the residents would frequently need to stay in a darkened room to calm the sensory overload effects received due to ecstasy addiction.

      This is what you get from all that hard booze and Smack'nCrack, which explains this post of yours.

      And so now I'm thinking that if you would get off drugs, detox the poisons from your organism, go through some therapy such as the "Arta" program, and get your astral body re connected to your ethereal body, then *maybe*, after time, we might be able to have a rational conversation. I might still have to contend with your prejudice, but at least I wouldn't have to contend with your drug-induced insanity.

      This is like a strung-out junkie and compulsive drunk telling his grandma to get off the habit of drinking a glass of champaigne every New Years Eve. Keep in mind that Adolf wouldn't have approved of your self-debilitating lifestyle, Robert. You would have been shipped for "rehab" to one of them nice "labor camps" along with the mentally challenged and non-Aryans.

      But right now, I don't see any basis for a worthwhile discussion between us.

      Nah, flaming is so much more appropriate - especially long as you need immediate medical intervention. Check in with Mike T at the AT clinic for a preliminary prescription.



      Think twice before flaming the gurus on the net.
      - http://www.albion.com/

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