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29836Re: for the WC people (Franky, Dottie, Tarjei)

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  • Mike helsher
    Dec 1, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason
      <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:

      > Tarjei wrote:
      > >>The problem with Robert Mason is that he's an
      > apologist for holocaust denial and for a long
      > list of anti-Semitic weirdos who say that
      > Auschwitz was a benign and humane work camp. .
      > . . [etc., etc.]<<
      > Robert writes:
      > Tarjei, the last time around I gave up trying
      > to talk with you for much the same reason that
      > I quit the WC list: I don't want to spend my
      > time and energy in discussions that are plainly
      > doomed to futility. But you just keep at it
      > anyway. I had suggested that you read what I
      > actually did write to the WC, but you refused,
      > giving the obviously false excuse that "I have
      > not read your WC posts because I don't read the
      > WC." And you apparently still haven't read
      > what I wrote but just continue to promulgate
      > your hallucinations of things I supposedly
      > said or meant.
      > So I still have to wonder, "what could be
      > happening in your mind?" I had attributed your
      > attitude to prejudice, but now it seems to me
      > that something more pernicious than mere
      > prejudice is at work in you. Now I'm thinking
      > that maybe you do really smoke dope and that
      > your rants about me are the expressions of your
      > stoned, freaked-out sense of humor. Or maybe
      > you smoke so much dope that you don't know when
      > you are making stuff up or when you are joking
      > or when you are serious? But, to me, that
      > blatantly false excuse is an indication not of
      > a lack of seriousness so much as a lack of
      > sincerity. Still, maybe you are so permanently
      > stoned that you had forgotten that you do read
      > the WC? (Doesn't seem likely to me.)
      > Some years ago I read Ron Dunselman's book *In
      > Place of the Self*. So I Googled a little and
      > found the article "Not I: The Physical and Non-
      > Physical Effects of Drugs, and their Treatment"
      > <http://www.charlest.uklinux.net/arta.html>
      > This brief overview of Dunselman's work
      > includes this passage:
      > "Hashish (marijuana) and opium affect the link
      > between the life and feeling bodies [i.e. the
      > etheric and astral bodies -- RM] B. They induce
      > a dream consciousness as when asleep, though
      > the drug user is awake. Hash is metabolised
      > very slowly with traces still present in the
      > brain after some 30 days. Very frequent users
      > experience loss of memory and become confused,
      > producing the so called 'hash-thought'."
      > And so now I'm thinking that if you would get
      > off drugs, detox the poisons from your
      > organism, go through some therapy such as the
      > "Arta" program, and get your astral body re-
      > connected to your ethereal body, then *maybe*,
      > after time, we might be able to have a rational
      > conversation. I might still have to contend
      > with your prejudice, but at least I wouldn't
      > have to contend with your drug-induced
      > insanity.
      > -- The preceding is of course based on the hope
      > that your problem is something as simple as
      > Mary G. Whanna. But if that's not the problem;
      > if you just naturally are the way you are --
      > then the situation is probably a lot more
      > complicated, and lot more "pernicious". Maybe
      > the general, world-wide mass insanity
      > surrounding the "Holocaust" and related issues
      > has somehow hooked into your particular,
      > freaked-out psycho-organism in an unusually
      > virulent way . . . . I could only guess.
      > But right now, I don't see any basis for a
      > worthwhile discussion between us. And unless
      > and until you give me some evidence of some
      > real earnestness and sincerity on your part,
      > frankly, I don't want to spend my time on you.
      > This is sad, perhaps, but for me it's a matter
      > of *triage* with my time and mental energy.
      > I do wish for your health, in all aspects.
      > Robert Mason

      Hummm... Tarjei's remark must have hit home, for you to make such a
      personal attack, based on your assumptions about his lifestyle.

      I've found Tarjei's scope on this list to be broad, intense,
      articulate, and rediculously funny - whilst hanging on to a certain
      sense irony that is imaginative, inspiring, and...ahhh...something
      else...(I must have done to much dope too).

      I personally haven't used any "trendy chemical amusement aids" in
      coming up on 17 years, and have amassed a solid understanding (I
      think) as to the motives involved with cronic drug abuse. I find your
      lack of empathy disturbing, though your lip service at the end of
      your post has potential.

      I'm about as earnest, sincere, and earthy as they come (pardon my
      humility), but my cronic obcessive need for humorously pointing out
      stupidity sometimes gets in the way (Is there a twelve step
      fellowship for OCHD? (obcessive compulsive Humor disorder)). So if
      you wanna chat some of your Holocaust denial Jive with an
      inarticulate recovered dope fiend, that has fallen hopelessly in Love
      with the spirit of what RS was trying to put into WORDS, I might be
      willing to accomadate your seeming need for "earnestness and
      sencerity". And I promise that I will do my best and try not to
      write ANYTHING FUNNY.

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