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29584Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Chipping chunks from the Ego

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Nov 1, 2006
      I wrote:

      >In hindsight, I don't think Joel was ever bitten by an Asura, and
      >I've apologized to him for this suspicion I believe, but my theory
      >is that Joel has probebly seen one, met one, dodged one, and that
      >this meeting or close call took place at the Unthinkable Facility as
      >described above. My reason for thinking it was a close call rather
      >than an actual bite is that Joel seems to have his "I" intact, but
      >his freeaky fear of Asuras being mentioned at all indicates that an
      >episode of this kind has taken place.

      I have a new theory about this, namely that Joel has acquired
      initiation, or at least a considerable degree of clairvoyance, of
      which he is not yet authorized to speak. And the same powers that
      gave Rudolf Steiner his gag order with regard to Asuras, have warned
      Joel too - perhaps the Asuras themselves. It's like when the mafia or
      the CIA tell you to keep your trap shut about something you've seen
      or heard, or else! So when Joel challenged my authority to mention
      the Asuras, he was thinking that my knowledge of them might have been
      based upon a direct encounter too, and that I was violating a gag
      order, and not upon Steiner's lectures, which Joel denounces as
      sources and wishes to ban from discussion groups. It's all supposed
      to be empirical and nothing but empirical, which indicate very
      strongly that Joel's fear of anyone mentioning the Asuras is based
      upon a frightening gag order he received from them by clairvoyant
      means. Joel is a seer, but he is not allowed to elaborate on this yet.

      My theory.


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