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29581Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Chipping chunks from the Ego

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Nov 1, 2006
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      Following up Deborah's note that you're not making sense,
      Lightsearcher, I recognize that I bear some responsibility for this,
      because some sources of your confusion seem to be previous posts by
      myself about Sorat, Catholocism, Islam, and the Asuras.

      You wrote:

      >1. Steiner characterized demonic Islam as inspired by Sorat.

      Do you have a GA reference to corroborate this, with a quote from
      Steiner? Back in November 2003, we discussed Sorat's strikes every
      666 years, in 1332 through a specific element within Catholicism and
      in 1998 through a specific element within Islam. We quoted Steiner
      and discussed the possible interpretations and consequences of these
      excerpts. Could you please share some RS quotes and share your
      insights in some depth?

      >2. Sorat chips away parts of the individual Ego forever.

      Again, please share with us a GA reference, with a relevant excerpted
      quote. I have read Steiner on Sorat, but I have never come across
      anything you mention here about the human ego. On the other hand,
      Steiner did say that the Asuras, of whom he said too little btw, that
      they take away a part of the humen "I" forever, but he did not
      mention Islam at all in this context. So what's your source on this?

      >3. The human head and Face is an expression of the human Ego.

      So is the human heart. When Bush was a cannibal in his former life,
      he ate human hearts to gain the courage of his victims, and their
      brains to gain their wisdom. That's why he thinks he's very wise and
      brave today. Typical liberal.

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