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  • Mike helsher
    Oct 3, 2006
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume
      <straume@...> wrote:
      > Joel, you wrote:
      > >What does such a trend portend in the light of Steiner's comment
      > >The Challenge of the Times, that English speakers are
      > >in the Consciousness Soul in the Life of Rights?
      > Elementary, my dear Joel. Elementary.
      > It means that English speakers are destined to spread democracy,
      > freedom, moral leadership, the ballot box, Jesus rallies, the art
      > rhetoric and propaganda and all those other goodies including the
      > Consciousness Soul, and for this to be possible, everyone has to
      > understand the English language, the language of the peoples with
      > golden tongues. And when some people around the globe get more
      > Consciousness Soul than others this way, their handling of English
      > will differ accordingly, and that's how you get "the English
      > The best way to start is to learn from Bush. He speaks primitive
      > Basic English suitable for the Bush people, the peoples of the
      > bushes, the backwoods stragglers, referred to by Steiner as
      > "Hottentots". This Hottentot English, Bush English, Basic Baby
      > English, consisting of simple words of few syllables intermingled
      > with unintelligible growls, is very easy to learn. A little
      > is required, though; you must learn to say "trrrrr-issssts".


      I imagine a bush speach as follows:

      Freedom!.... terrrrer!

      freedom.... terrrer!

      terrrer.... Freedom!

      Freedom teeerrrrer Freedom!

      teerrer Frrredom teerrrer reeedom Freedom!

      Americams! terror, Freedom!

      Profits! ahhhh ....for all Americans!

      and more Freedom!

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