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29284Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Euro-English

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Oct 3, 2006
      Joel, you wrote:

      >What does such a trend portend in the light of Steiner's comment in
      >The Challenge of the Times, that English speakers are instinctively
      >in the Consciousness Soul in the Life of Rights?

      Elementary, my dear Joel. Elementary.

      It means that English speakers are destined to spread democracy,
      freedom, moral leadership, the ballot box, Jesus rallies, the art of
      rhetoric and propaganda and all those other goodies including the
      Consciousness Soul, and for this to be possible, everyone has to
      understand the English language, the language of the peoples with
      golden tongues. And when some people around the globe get more
      Consciousness Soul than others this way, their handling of English
      will differ accordingly, and that's how you get "the English languages".

      The best way to start is to learn from Bush. He speaks primitive
      Basic English suitable for the Bush people, the peoples of the
      bushes, the backwoods stragglers, referred to by Steiner as
      "Hottentots". This Hottentot English, Bush English, Basic Baby
      English, consisting of simple words of few syllables intermingled
      with unintelligible growls, is very easy to learn. A little drilling
      is required, though; you must learn to say "trrrrr-issssts". And this
      Life of Rights is also very easy to understand; everything starts
      with the right to bear arms, and to fire them. It's also the right to
      choose how to die - by lethal injection, firing squad, electric
      chair, or military interrogation. And those who don't appreciate
      these freedoms, are "evildoers" - one of the first words to be
      learned in Bush English.


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