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29274Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Unanthroposophic waldorf schools

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  • Joel Wendt
    Oct 2, 2006
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      thanks much for this....


      Deborah wrote:
      > Somebody over on the WC (Diana) published a list of all the stuff
      > that is good about waldorf and then finished by saying they would be
      > great schools if they just got rid of the anthroposophy.
      > I've been thinking for a long time that it would be wonderful if
      > some brave folks started a sort of lab school: waldorf without the
      > anthroposophy. The obvious group to undertake this much needed
      > experiment are the waldorf critics. They are experts at
      > distinguishing the essential from the non-essential in waldorf, they
      > are hard-working, persistent, dedicated, idealistic AND they say
      > they know a lot of parents who would have loved waldorf if it
      > weren't for the anthroposophy, so it shouldn't be that hard to find
      > 20 families to start a school. After a few years as a
      > nursery/kindergarten they can start adding grades and after 14 or 15
      > years they'll have a full-fledged unanthroposophical "waldorf"
      > school.
      > Of course, their school won't have any social problems. That all
      > comes from the anthroposophy. No cliques among the parents either.
      > No childhood illnesses because, as a private school, they'll be able
      > to refuse vaccine exemptions. And all vaccines work 100% and there
      > is no such thing as negative reactions, so all of their students
      > will be perfectly healthy.
      > It would be fun to see the WC try to actually accomplish something
      > in the real world. Of course, there was the lawsuit...but is the
      > legal system part of the real world?
      > Deborah
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