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29270Re: Dottie as HPB

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  • tmasthenes13
    Oct 2, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@...> wrote:
      > Well, if I was the reincarnation of Helena then I
      > imagine, according to your understanding of her later
      > incarnation, that would make me Manly P. Hall.
      > Interesting Tom.

      Well, Dottie, as HPB, you could have done a lot worse than MPH, don't
      you think? ;=)

      But you bring up an interesting issue that characterizes our Western
      mind-set about reincarnation. We worship the separate individuality so
      much that we refuse to consider the possibility that a self might
      split off or clone and could be incarnated in two or more bodies

      I mean we don't have a problem believing that identical physical twins
      would house two different spiritual individualities; but we choke on
      the reverse idea: that the same spiritual individuality could clone
      itself and incarnate in two separate physical bodies at the same time.

      Yet there are people who believe that you as HPB could have bifurcated
      to become both MPH and DZ at the same time.

      (Which reminds me: I need to ask Obadiah Harris at PRS whether Manly
      liked cigars or not. You still didn't answer whether you like cigars
      or not, though. You know Dottie, it's these "little things" that make
      or break a reincarnation identification! Helena did love her cigars!)

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