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  • tmasthenes13
    Oct 1, 2006
      Dottie wrote plaintively,

      I've heard pronouncements from all your 'intellectual'
      buddies, of which you are one obviously but see
      yourself somehow separate from them in some way, and
      you as well even before when you brought this up to me
      on the side. And what I've learned is that you cats
      are the ones doing most of the projection while
      postulizing it is the others. I've watched it over and


      Dear Dottie,

      A thousand pardons for my failure to recognize that you have as robust
      an Intellectual Soul as the rest of your male "intellectual buddies."
      I acknowledge now that you are "one of the guys," and perhaps it was
      a condescending sexism on my part that pressed me to focus only on
      your Sentient Soul proclivities. I'm sorry I excluded you from our club.

      Your plaintive response above touched my heart and brought up the
      memory picture of when we first met in person. That is of critical
      importance now for the new revelation I just received about you.

      We go back well over two years ago to the Spring of 2004 when Obadiah
      Harris, President of PRS (Philosophical Research Society) in Los
      Angeles, asked me to teach a series of ten weekly classes on Rudolf
      Steiner and Anthroposophy at this center of Manly Palmer Hall's life's
      work. (Please visit http://www.prs.org/ )

      So each Saturday morning, I would hold the class in the upper room, a
      2nd floor classroom adjacent to the famous occult library that Manly
      Hall had built in 1934. I don't know if you remember, Dottie, but for
      me, dominating the room was the presence of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,
      because of the giant 6' by 4' portrait of her that hung on the wall in
      the far left front of the classroom.

      It was an imposing portrait and before every class, as I was preparing
      the blackboard, I would pause to acknowledge her presence and often
      weave her into the class topic and the discussion of anthroposophy. I
      was told that Manly Palmer Hall had a special attraction to HPB,
      because he himself actually believed that he was the reincarnation of
      her! And that is why this portrait held such a special place in this
      classroom, where Manly taught smaller classes when he wasn't lecturing
      in the big auditorium. (She died in 1891 in London; Manly was born ten
      years later in Canada.)

      And so, this powerful presence of HPB in a classroom where I was
      teaching about Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy became a deep riddle
      that I felt I needed to experience over time before anything would
      reveal itself. Gradually, I began to focus on the terrible fate she
      had to endure, according to Rudolf Steiner, that fate being thrown
      into "occult imprisonment."


      He [Steiner] claims that she was put in "occult prison" by Western
      occult brotherhoods so that her clairvoyance would be thrown in on
      itself and hence illusory. Further, that in her later years she was
      abandoned by the Masters who had guided her, and instead guided by
      impersonators. … He says, "... the necessity of understanding the
      Christ-impulse was hidden from H.P. Blavatsky."


      And so I began to feel on occasion that I was perhaps part of the
      "anthroposophical prison outreach movement," only in this case, I was
      lecturing at an "occult penitentiary," a one-woman prison for HPB.
      (Or was it I who was really in prison? Hard to tell when there are no
      physical bars or stones around you!)

      At any rate, Dottie, back to our meeting. It was either my last or
      next to last class in May 2004 that you attended and afterwards you
      gave me your business card. Having recognized your name from the
      Steiner Internet since the year 2000, I was delighted and astonished
      to finally meet you in person.

      And now that I remember that meeting, I was also struck by the rather
      close physical resemblance between you and HPB. You are of the same
      body type and possess similar piercing eyes and knowing gaze that
      gestures out in both a needy and defiant way. You also seem to be
      "occultly imprisoned" at times yourself, Dottie, desperate to break
      out and achieve that inner occult freedom, so I think it would be
      worth your while looking into the life of HPB.

      Here's a short wiki bio of her:

      I must of course, ask you the $64,000 question: do you enjoy smoking
      cigars? ;=}

      Anyway, I do believe that you are on a path of initiation whereby you
      are focused very keenly on bringing out the Christology of
      anthroposophy, in a way that would work to redeem HPB from her occult

      Now I am not claiming that you are the actual reincarnation of HPB,
      but I am saying that you may express what Jeffrey Mishlove taught in
      that very same room at PRS at a seminar last year. He calls it
      "Synchronistic Archetypal Resonance." (SAR). Rather than actual
      reincarnation, a person may so identify with a past figure that he or
      she actually takes on the characteristics of that ancient figure and
      this resemblance includes family members as well. It may be more of a
      "sympathetic resonance" along the lines of what Rupert Sheldrake calls
      the "morphogenetic field," which is his amalgam of what we call the
      etheric and astral bodies and realms.

      Read this page to show how Jeffrey Mishlove dismisses the claim by Dr.
      Walt Semkiw, that he, Jeffrey, is the actual reincarnation of William
      James. Instead, Jeffrey invokes the more Jungianly palatable SAR
      principle to justify these family and past life resemblances some of
      which are quite startling.


      So, Dottie, again, my apologies for somehow marginalizing you into the
      Sentient Soul realm. If, indeed you are HPB, I would be extremely
      embarrassed to know that I had denigrated your Intellectual Soul
      prowess. Damn, that Secret Doctrine was quite a book! But hey, what
      do you expect from a bunch of goofy guys with those silly and oft
      times hysterical female etheric bodies?

      Father Thom
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