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  • tmasthenes13
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Hi Dottie,


      In Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Plays, there is a characternamed Theodora, who appears suddenly in the first play, saying that she is"impelled to speak." When she addresses the group in this public gathering, shespeaks about the return of Christ in the Etheric realm. The play itself wasperformed in 1909, and this was 24 years before the beginning of Christ'sreturn in 1933.

      Your name being Dottie, short for Dorothy, is the reversalof the 2 elements of Theodora. The first is "Gift of God; the second is "God'sGift." You have always reminded me of this character Theodora since you are"impelled to post" and you are a prophet of the etheric Christ, not is thepredictive sense, but more in the function of a prophet as one who givespresent day warnings to the tribe.

      To Rudolf  Steiner,the being of Theodora represented a vast and puzzling side effect of the returnof Christ in the etheric, namely the bestowing of spontaneous clairvoyance onthousands of people who never knew what was coming. These are people who didnot have to work for the clairvoyance; it was spontaneously given them bygrace. They did not have to do any special spiritual exercises from KoHW or anykind of yoga or devotional practice. They got it whether they deserved it ornot, whether So you Dottie, as Dorothea, in your spontaneous appearance on theSteiner Internet, today represent the modern version of Theodora.

      You are most comfortable operating out of the Sentient Soulmode, in which you live and breathe in the impressions you receive andprojections you make on others, staying very close to the boundary betweenyourself and the outer worlds.  And Imust say, I have the most fun with all the haplessly head-bound IntellectualSoul efforts made by Joel and Steve Hale, e.g., who desperately try to "educate" you in thinking just like Henry Higgins tried to educate Eliza Doolittle inspeaking in My Fair Lady, the musical based on GB Shaw's play, Pygmalion. Butyour sturdy and stubborn grace clairvoyance confounds them every time andhopefully will lead them toward an awakening of the Consciousness Soul, as theygo off from interactions with you singing:  "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

      Now let's get a scorecard here. We know that the three soulseach have different "teachers." RS delineates this in 4 lectures given October1909 in Berlin about the respective "Missions" of Anger, Truth, and ReligiousDevotion (cycle called "Metamorphoses of the Soul.")


      The teacher of the Sentient Soul is . . .  Anger ------> at home in the AstralBody


      The teacher of the Intellectual Soul is . . .  Truth ------>   at home in the EthericBody


      The teacher of the Consciousness Soul is . . . Religious Devotion ---->  at home in the Physical Body


      When we live in the SS, then we are on the edge of oursenses, and anger acts as the "gatekeeper" to prevent unwanted impressions fromcoming in from people or things we don't like in the outer world, but also, togo the other way, to project out our anger on to the world   so we can avoid facing it inside ourselves.

      Yet, deeper inside, we feel a dim presentiment of truth, butwe can't get to it, because we are chained by our anger to the senses'boundaries, just like Prometheus was chained to the mountain rocks.  But if we can relax and allow that anger torun its course, then that very same anger energy can eventually lead us intothe inner truth of a situation, by allowing the sense impressions to comedeeper inside, to the inner room of the Intellectual Soul where we go overthese sense impressions in the Mind and their truth or untruth teaches us.

      But once we descend into the density and isolation of thephysical body, we are in the Consciousness Soul where truth no longer mattersbecause it can't teach us here. Down in the dark depths of the physical body,we can only function or get around by developing a sense of religious devotion,not only to ourselves and the outer world, but most importantly to the I AM ofeach and every Other person we know and meet. This then is truly the awakeningof the 12th and Highest of the 12 senses: The Sense of Ego, meaningthe spiritual perceiving of the Other person's ego.


      At this stage, we may actually become freely devoted toanother human being -- beyond any agreements or disagreements, in spite of ournatural likes and dislikes, no matter what differences we may have in ideas,ideals and ideologies.

      In the realm of the Consciousness Soul, we reach the levelwhere Bobby Matherne's Rule #1, The AMAT Principle, applies:  "All Meanings Are True!" In this realm, weare beyond right and wrong, beyond good and evil, beyond antipathies andsympathies. We are witnesses to what we are doing, and we become "hypocrites"according to the original meaning of that word, which was the ancient Greekword for "actor."

      "Hypocrite" is composed of two Greek words:  "hypo" meaning "under" and "krites" meaning"judgment." I think it refers to the idea that the first actor – legend callshim Thespis – who dared to come out of the Mystery center and portray a god asan actor, was somehow guilty of a severe offense and was therefore designated:"under judgment."

      So, in the Age of the Consciousness Soul, each and every oneof us is a true hypocrite because we are developing that "WitnessConsciousness," watching ourselves doing our activities, but actually standingoutside and watching, just as an actor does in a play or film.

      And, in this condition, we are taught, not by truth anymore, but rather by religious devotion, which is really the only moral responsewe can make to others, namely, to realize that they are human beings like us,and we acknowledge our common humanity at a level beyond the ideologies thatmay separate us on the Mind level.


      To summarize, look at the progression from living at theedges of the senses in the Sentient Soul, where ANGER keeps us hypersensitiveand hyper-vigilant there where we make absolutely sure that we keep any nastyimpulses from coming in too deeply and in the spirit of "the best defense is agood offense," we also project our own inner nastiness out onto those targetsout there.


      But if we relent a bit and allow these impulses to enter,our anger relaxes and our sense of TRUTH takes over as we sort out theimpressions inside our Mind, (etheric body-Intellectual Soul);


      Finally, we can allow even these thoughts to descend intothe Physical Body, where we awaken in the initial darkness and isolation of theConsciousness Soul and realize that we are one individual among others, who areequally individuals.  In this awakening,the truth that was so important to us at the mental thought level is no longerrelevant to us. It becomes eclipsed by the sense of religious awe and wonderand then DEVOTION to the equal divinity and individuality of everyone else, nomatter what their ideology, formed in the Intellectual Soul may be, regardlessof our strong antipathies and sympathies with them at the Sentient Soul level.


      In this darkness of the Consciousness Soul, we have to makeor own light and warmth. There is no more heat of anger to motivate us(Sentient-astral); there is no more light of mental ideation to guide us(Intellectual-etheric). We have to create our own light and generate our ownheat from the absolute spiritual darkness and coldness of the physical body –

      By kindling a religious or spiritual devotion to the Other Person(Consciousness-Physical) no matter who they are, no matter what they do to usor for us.


      As for the cannon shot you felt from me, Dottie, onMichaelmas, remember what Dennis Klocek taught during the AnthroposhiaConference last July:


      Whatever you experience in your soul as coming from someoneelse outside is really coming from yourself inside. This reversal of causalityin the soul accelerates the process of meeting the Double, or Lower Guardian ofthe Threshold as you begin to take responsibility for what you have doneinstead of making others into scapegoats.


      To paraphrase Shakespeare: "The fault, dear Dottie, is notin our Critics, but in ourselves, that we are anthroposophists."


      From your recent postings where you express a lot of ambivalenceabout the way things are going in your own life and in what you perceive of theSociety, it feels  like you've  washed enough feet, Dottie; you're now readyfor the scourging. So I have provided three passages for you to read about thisstage of mystical Christian initiation.



      (1) Joel recommending Valentin Tomberg's InnerDevelopment lecture cycle:




      "Here we find, among much else,a discussion of the Seven Stages of the Passion of the Christ, as outlined inthe Gospel of John (washing the feet, the scourging; the crowning withthorns; the carrying of the cross; the crucifixion; the entombment and theresurrection).  The more we live a self-determined moral life in ourbiographies, the more the biography takes the shape of a mini-version of theSeven Stages of the Passion of the Christ.  . . .   This consciouslychosen moral life then becomes an alchemical crucible of development that takesthe same shape as the Passion of Christ."


      (2) Joel bringing scourging up to the present:



      "The Dawn, of the ThirdMillennium since the Incarnation, is to occur via a Rite of Passage throughfire and ice.  The fire of our inner passions will drive us, and asindividuals the outer world will be cold to our needs, so that we have to standon our own.  Everywhere, at least, the first two stages of the Passion ofChrist are being offered to Souls: the washing of the feet and the scourging."




      (3)  Robert Sardelloin the Sept. 2000 newsletter of the School of Spiritual Psychology:



      "Thespiritual/psychological sense of taking up the practice of living in the imageof the scourging is the practice of gradually learning to remaininwardly free. There are two ways in which we lose inner freedom. We can bepulled into one or another kind of fantasy which removes us from the world; orwe can be pulled into astute observation and manipulation of others and of theworld with the purpose of bringing about something in the world that we thinkshould happen. Both of these pulls are ways in which we seek to avoid, tobypass whatever the world brings to us to have to meet.

      To meet what the worldgives us, to stand steadfast instead of trying to get above it or to bend itaround the way we want, is the experience of scourging. To stand steadfast inand with what we are given is a strengthening of the connection of ordinaryconsciousness with the spiritual worlds. This develops the capacity to bepresent in body, soul, and spirit to the Word; it develops the capacity of consciousintuition. It is extremely important that we stand in and with what we aregiven to be and do in a conscious way. This way of being is not resignation,nor is it an egotistic, self-centered kind of suffering in which we are everymoment aware of how difficult our life is.

      This stance is first one ofbeing able to realize that we are always in one fantasy or another, anddeveloping gradually the capacity to have some awareness of what that fantasyis. Then, this stance is also one of being able to realize that we are alwaystrying to control our circumstances and gradually developing the capacity tohave some awareness of the ways in which we do this. Once we have a vividfeeling of how these two pulls work in our lives, we can then work toward, not theirelimination, but of standing firm in relation what meets us without trying tohandle what comes toward us through one of these directions of distraction."



      Father Thomasius













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