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29096RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] RE: Does ANyone Know?

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  • angelina thomas
    Sep 16, 2006
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      Hello Mike T,

      Currently reading "Approaching The Mystery of Golgotha" by Rupert Steiner  and it is very interesting.  I love all of his works and want to read everything by him, that I can get my hands on!

      Do you know if is possible that the Soul of the Magdalene could be incarnate at the present time?  Do you know who wrote the "Heavenly Sophia" book that Dottie mentions and what the true title is?


      Mike T <leosun_75@...> wrote:
      "So not sure what was written" ... means I'm only going by what Kate G has
      It is clear from her writings she has not read Steiner at all; has some
      vaugue notions of what it is all about, as with Goethe.
      Mike T

      >From: Tarjei Straume <straume@chello. no>
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      >Subject: [anthroposophy_ tomorrow] RE: Does ANyone Know?
      >Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 18:26:02 +0200
      >Mike T, you wrote:
      > >So not sure what was written in that book, supposedly a lot of
      > >Steiners work, but I suspect it is being misrepresented by this
      > >person Kate Gladstone who I suspect has never read a Steiner lecture
      > >and yet has the demerity to rubbish the man.
      >A little while ago, we discussed the concept "prejudice" in the sense
      >of pre-judging something of which we have little or no knowledge,
      >something relatively unknown. I don't have a clue about what is
      >written in this book, but you're "not so sure," indicating that you
      >do have a clue.
      >Furthermore, you suspect that the author has never read a Steiner
      >lecture - even about totally different subjects like the Gospels or
      >agriculture? - and you conclude that her criticism of the practice to
      >switch left-handed children to right-handed constitutes "rubbishing"
      >Steiner because he recommended this practice.
      > From the looks of it, any criticism of Steiner and his ideas
      >constitutes some sort of blasphemy for you. I don't think it's fair
      >to assume that a person is ignorant of Steiner's works because he or
      >she applies critical thinking to some of his ideas, suggestions, or
      >beliefs. He did say to Rittelmeyer that when it came to actual
      >research, he would never speak of something of which he was not
      >absolutely certain, but students of spiritual science, like students
      >of any science, should not take another person's certainty as final
      >proof of its accuracy. It needs to be tested and verified by each
      >When it comes to the case at hand, I've been through a number of
      >absurd dances with Diana, who has blown this topic into hysterical
      >proportions, which is characteristic of her. I have a couple of pages
      >on that - see "Black and white magic, lefties and righties, and
      >ostensibly brainless nonsense" at http://uncletaz. com/dianamagic. html
      >and "Diana Winters takes off" at http://uncletaz. com/diana2. html
      >I'm not going back there. We got some closure on this in 2004, when
      >Daniel Hindes had the patience to get into a more academic approach
      >to it with Diana. It's in the AT Yahoo archives on the web. Daniel's
      >conclusion was, to the best of my recollection, that the jury is
      >still out on this question. For this reason, I would not come down
      >too hard on those who take a strong stand against this practice,
      >which may be based upon bad experiences with incompetent teachers.
      >There is a difference between coercion and sound pedagogical
      >guidance. Personally, I don't like the word "switch"; it's something
      >I've learned from my business practice in the telecom industry.
      >People don't like to be "switched" from one carrier to another,
      >especially if they've been using their current carrier for many
      >years. So our key words are "favor", "help", and "try", like in the
      >sentence, "Would you PLEASE do me a huge FAVOR and TRY my service,
      >and if you don't like it for any reason, you can go back to the one
      >you're using with no extra cost to you." We generate very loyal
      >customers this way; they don't switch back.
      >Why not apply a similar approach to a left-handed child? Say
      >something like, "Would you PLEASE do me a huge FAVOR and TRY writing
      >with your right hand for a month or two, and if you find it too
      >uncomfortable, you can go back to using your left hand with no harm
      >done whatsoever."
      >George Bernard Shaw once said that the worst kind of abortion is the
      >molding of a child's mind. If teachers do things with respect, with
      >"reverence for the child" as RS puts it, such angry reactions are
      >much less likely to occur.

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