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29086Belly Up Keith

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 20, 2006
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      Oh Keith, lighten up man. Nobodies mocking you. Take
      the heat with out spilling the croc tears. It's true
      anthroposophists have a conscience and are mostly soft
      in the middle but not this group at AT. Belly up dude.

      And what's with the sudden feelings of being mocked
      when you come up with something like 'hey, maybe he
      was a schizo'? It seems you have this same aversion as
      the critics do to hearing a little questioning of the
      things you say about Steiner: as if because he has
      passed on this means its okay to throw the 'maybe he
      was a schizo and the kitchen sink' at him. You seem to
      have the same Winters 'he's dead, so what do you care
      about what we say about him' type of thinking. I
      imagine it has to do with this random process type of
      thinking that makes everything purposefulless once one
      passes away: so what, he's dead. That is not a good
      excuse to lie, trash and fabricate things about a man.

      So, I am interested again in hearing how it was that
      you came to a serious point that maybe he was a

      And, I am still waiting, if you are even minded about
      things as I understood you to be from your
      participation on this list, to enlighten the Hole
      about the fact that it was the Jews who founded the
      Waldorf Schools here in America. Is that even a
      possibility? I think it's a fair thing to do Keith
      beings you are playing both sides and are supposedly
      fair to both sides.


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