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29062Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Spiritual Science from a slightly different angle.

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  • dottie zold
    Sep 17, 2006
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      Dear Deborah, I don't feel judged by you. I mean maybe
      you were judging me but I guess you would know that.

      I don't consider my position to be one of judging
      Keith. Rather I think of my position as one who has
      watched the critics work deeper into the hole by
      suggesting that all waldorf teachers are abusers, and
      that Diana is afraid of me and others because we might
      be capable of torturing others due to our beliefs in
      spirit work. Then Keith said a few weeks back that
      maybe Steiner was a schizo. I'm seeing a pattern here.
      And that is what I am responding to.

      I then watch Keith say certain things about Steiner
      and usually I'll just make a comment every once in a
      while when he shows back up on list for some thing.
      And this time he showed back up with a revist to a
      post by Mike T. I intuited he brought this for some
      reason and I did not think it was in good faith. So,
      with that, I thought back on the last thing I heard
      him say, about maybe two or three weeks back, that
      maybe Steiner was a schizo. So, in my intuiting into a
      thing I felt that I wanted to play a little hard ball
      with 'I see you'. Something I have said from time to
      time. I thought and do think he is playing a game. And
      I thought to say something about it.

      I find it hellacaiously interesting that the critics
      claim over and over that Waldorf and Anthroposophy are
      hiding a thing. So, when I'm hearing this and then
      seeing how clearly they are all atheists and humanists
      and free thinkers, and then Keith saying 'maybe he was
      a schizo' I thought well that's enough of double speak
      without me saying something.

      So I don't judge Keith for saying it, I actually think
      its a pretty ignorant thing to say, although that
      doesn't mean I think Keith is ignorant. And I really
      don't know if he even believes it. He said it and I
      thought 'hey, well be accountable to saying it'. 'You
      wanna play that double game, good, but now you are
      gonna asked to be accountable for it'.

      And I think I'm okay with asking him about it. I think
      its okay to say 'hey man, what's up with that double
      speak you got going on'? What's up with the Steiner is
      a schizo thing? What's up with bringing up an old post
      that is then used to show that spirit groups can be
      wacko. I think he's leading to something and I wanted
      him to know I thought that. I think I was pretty clear
      in it. I don't think of it as a judgement and I don't
      even find any judgement in it, just questions.

      All good things to you Deborah,

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