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  • dottie zold
    Sep 5, 2006
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      Hey Deb,

      Yeah, he did that as well: recap the day before:) He
      is way hilarious.

      Yeah, that's the rub with those over at the hole: they
      think anthros were trying to decieve them when in
      reality marketing is the worst thing they do! It's not
      deceptive its more in line with what Mr. Chester's
      sentiments are below. Same thing I found with even
      bringing up the term 'marketing' I mean its a dirty
      word in Anthro land it seems. Well, to be fair, not
      all but most I have encountered deplore the thought
      of marketing anything that has to do with spirit work.

      I find that really counter to what Rudolf Steiner
      brought in reality. And I think this is a big issue
      for the youth: they want to impact the pop culture
      selling our kids into the sewer if thinking and
      feeling. These kids coming out of Waldorf are
      incredibly intelligent and socially conscious about
      the world and the people around them. They are not
      taught Anthroposophy in the way that they then become
      anthroposophists, unless of course one of their
      parents are and that is how they ended up in Waldorf.
      But even then its not them joining that matters,
      because almost none of them do, its the matter of how
      they live their lives more conscientiously than their
      peers for the most part in regards to what's at stake
      due to our killing the world via what is supposed to
      be greater technology: they've been directed to care
      about what is going on around them versus studying to
      pass tests that show nothing but that you can pass

      To me Rudolf Steiner says 'give it away, do not hold
      onto it': that's the spirit of his work that I
      understand. Our inner work is set up like the Mandala
      in a way: dying and a becoming, recieving and then
      letting go. When we hold onto it we give it this type
      of importance which is the very thing we are not
      supposed to do according to the Christic way as far as
      I understand it to be: we are bringing far too much
      attention to ourselves. Nothing against Mr. Chester's
      way of thinking as it is his own maybe. But when I see
      a whole sale group of people, Steiner students doing
      the same thing, I am thinking they think this is in
      line with Rudolf Steiner's teachings. I think it is
      not in the long run.

      Love to you dear DB


      --- laquerencia33@... wrote:

      > Hey Dottie - I know the funny man you're talking
      > about and he is genuinely
      > one of the most hilarious people I've ever heard. A
      > few years ago at an
      > Arts in Architecture week at RSC, this man began
      > each morning's group
      > gathering with a summary of the previous day's
      > happenings that had
      > everyone starting their day rolling on the floor
      > with laughter.
      > Btw, while at RSC don't miss the chance to see one
      > of Frank Chester's
      > presentations - not to be missed under any
      > circumstances - a retired
      > engineer who takes Steiner's planetary and
      > projective geometry indications
      > and morphs it all into sculpture and even polyphonic
      > music. I found his
      > work even more amazing than Dennis Klochek's - for
      > that week at least. In
      > my enthusiasm I asked him why not consider marketing
      > his transformer
      > sculptures as coffee table sized pieces people could
      > buy, but got the old
      > 'why would anyone want to dirty this by making money
      > with it' attitude -
      > unfortunately. After all, you can always donate
      > excess dirty money to
      > good causes, right?
      > Lv,
      > DeborahB
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