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28714New Orleans and the Maid of Orleans

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 5, 2006
      Bradford comments;

      Certain forces within this administration let the entire New Orleans
      city particularly it's poor people perish and in a witnessed world
      wide event, let the city of Orleans perish. Why? We may ask why Iraq
      and Iran where Gilgamesh and Zarathustra lived are being devastated?
      We may ask, if the German thinking and German language forces were
      exactly the cold precision forces needed to hatch the objectivity of
      I AM thinking and cognition, that Fichte represented? Why the direct
      attack of Ahriman into Nietzsche and the icy invasion of the soul of
      the German people? Certainly the I AM and the icy disciplined core
      in the German soul, had two attributes. One attribute was the
      ability to see the I AM and build a cognitive access to it. The
      other was that raw icy cold immoral, deadened decisions, divorced
      from human morality could take root. Corporate Industrial
      Sorathianism. Then why Israel now? What destructive rampage is
      inspiring these series of events? What is so important about these
      semitic regions? Is it the continued annhilation of anything to do
      with the linked forces that represent the semitic base which the
      Christ and Zarathustra and grown from?

      And when we investigate the Mission of the Earth as the mission of
      understanding and developing the I AM to Spirit Man, we can clearly
      understand the tight encapsulated dense field of Man, the tight
      cohesion offered on Earth where Man is a physical, etheric, astral
      and I AM concentration...Out of this concentration a Spirit Man
      could be birthed just because it was a complex and dense seed
      planted in the Earth. Those seeds are planted as well in the higher
      consiousness of the human I.

      But the Mission of the I AM as the Earth and humanities great work,
      means that the emancipated technological thinking and cognition
      mechanism, emancipated from any moral ground, is what Trinity New
      Mexico reflects as the falsified mission of the Earth. Trinity New
      Mexico represents the I AM's conceptual force, it's ripping away of
      the mask from percepts and it's ability to discover the spirit in an
      idea... this force was safely hidden in the human dark room of the
      brain but all processes in man have been ripped forward into
      technical manifestation, computer memory, chips, codes, docking and
      the ability of the I AM to see through matter into the spirit.

      Spirit Man out of the condensed condition of Physical body, etheric
      body, astral body and I AM were the perfect lab conditions to bring
      forth the moral birth of Spirit Man as the future mission of the
      Earth herself and humanity. By producing the Spirit Man on Earth,
      the true nature of the higher unfolding of Angel, Archangel, Archai,
      and all of our elder spirit kin, to beyond the Elohim, revealed that
      the higher scaffolding of Beings of which Man is part of the family,
      actually has the ability to produce whole I AM fields.

      I AM's and literal full copies of I AM's were produced approximately
      12 times in full daylight sightings and visitation of how a mighty
      Elohim had planted the seeds of Spirit Man and I AM
      replications...that could eat, drink, speak, be touched, carry on
      conversation and think. Now a Being in the family of Man, who
      unfolded fully logical powers, that lay above the current condition
      of man, but used the seeds within man, brought forth the blossoming
      out from within the I AM of those seeds and planted those seeds and
      anchored the Spirit Man forces that had grown from the semitic
      roots, at least 12 times, opend the gates to humanities true family.

      So when we understand the abstract technology of the bomb we
      understand that it rips out of the whole model of the human being, a
      divine power that is outlined exactly in the Philosophy of Freedom
      process. Within the Philosophy of Freedom the force of the Thinking
      I AM is tracked. Only when the technical Manhattan project set to
      producing this force externally, they were looking directly at the
      Mission of the I AM on Earth and how to tinker and technologically
      remake the process but without human moral development. It therefore
      represents a destructive light process unanchored to the moral
      development of man and a falsified conclusion to the mission of the



      "It has pleased divine Providence that a woman of the name of
      Jeanne, commonly called The Maid, should be taken and apprehended by
      famous warriors within the boundaries and limits of our diocese and
      jurisdiction. The reputation of this woman had already gone forth
      into many parts: how, wholly forgetful of womanly honesty, and
      having thrown off the bonds of shame, careless of all the modesty of
      womankind, she wore with an astonishing and monstrous brazenness,
      immodest garments belonging to the male sex; how moreover, her
      presumptuousness had grown until she was not afraid to perform, to
      speak, and to disseminate many things contrary to the Catholic faith
      and hurtful to the articles of the orthodox belief.

      And by so doing, as well in our diocese as in several other
      districts of this kingdom, she was said to be guilty of no
      inconsiderable offenses. These things having come to the knowledge
      of our mother the University of Paris, and of brother Martin
      Billorin, vicar-general of the lord Inquisitor of Heretical Error,
      they immediately summoned the illustrious prince, the Duke of
      Burgundy and the noble lord Jean de Luxembourg, who at this time
      held the said woman in their power and authority, in the name of the
      vicar-general above mentioned, and under penalty of law, to
      surrender and dispatch to us, as ordinary judge, the woman so
      defamed and suspected of heresy.

      "Asked if the saints spoke at the same time, or one after another,
      she answered: "I have not leave to tell you; nevertheless I have
      always had counsel from both."

      Asked which one appeared first, she answered: "I did not recognize
      them immediately; I knew well enough once, but I have forgotten; if
      I had leave I would gladly tell you. It is written down in the
      register at Poitiers." She added that she had received comfort from
      St. Michael.

      Asked which of the apparitions came to her first, she answered that
      St. Michael came first.

      Asked whether it was a long time ago that she first heard the voice
      of St. Michael, she answered: "I do not speak of St. Michael's
      voice, but of his great comfort."

      Asked which was the first voice which came to her when she was about
      thirteen, she answered that it was St. Michael whom she saw before
      her eyes; and he was not alone, but accompanied by many angels from
      heaven. She said also that she came into France only by the
      instruction of God.

      Asked if she saw St. Michael and these angels corporeally and in
      reality, she answered: "I saw them with my bodily eyes as well as I
      see you; and when they left me, I wept; and I fain would have had
      them take me with them too."

      Asked in what form St. Michael appeared, she answered that she did
      not see his crown, and she knows nothing of his apparel.

      Asked if he was naked, she answered: "Do you think God has not
      wherewithal to clothe him?"

      Asked if he had any hair, she answered: "Why should it be cut off?"
      She added that she had not seen St. Michael since she left the
      castle Crotoy, and she does not often see him, or know, she added,
      whether he has any hair.

      Asked whether he had his scales, she answered: "I do not know." She
      said she was filled with great joy when she saw him; and she felt,
      when she saw him, that she was not in mortal sin.

      Whereupon, because she had said that St. Michael had wings, and yet
      had said nothing of the body and members of St. Catherine and St.
      Margaret, she was asked what she wished to say in this connection.
      To which she replied: "I have told you what I know, and I will not
      answer you further." She said also that she had seen St. Michael and
      the saints so clearly that she knew they were saints of paradise.

      Asked if she believed that St. Michael and St. Gabriel have natural
      heads, she answered: I saw them with my two eyes, and I believe it
      was they I saw as firmly as I believe in the existence of God."

      Asked whether she did reverence to St. Michael and the angels, when
      she saw them, she answered that she did, and kissed the ground where
      they had stood after they had gone.

      Asked whether the said angels were long with her, she answered that
      they often came among the Christian folk and were not seen, and she
      often saw them amongst the Christian folk.

      Asked if she had any other sign that they were good spirits, she
      answered: "St. Michael certified it before they came to me."

      Asked how she knew it was St. Michael, she answered: "By the angels'
      speech and tongue." She firmly believes that they were angels.

      Asked how she would tell if he were a good or bad spirit if the
      Enemy put himself in the form and guise of an angel, she answered
      that she would certainly know whether it was St. Michael or a
      counterfeit in his likeness.

      At first she said she had grave doubts whether it was St. Michael;
      and the first time she was afraid; and she saw him many times before
      she knew it was St. Michael.

      Asked how she knew then rather than on the first occasion that it
      was St. Michael who had appeared to her, she answered that the first
      time she was a young girl and was afraid; since then St. Michael
      taught her and showed her so many things that she firmly believed it
      was he.

      Asked then in what guise and shape, size and dress, St. Michael came
      to her, she answered: "He was in the guise of a most upright man";
      and touching the dress and other things she would answer no more. As
      for the angels, she saw them with her own eyes...

      Asked if St. Michael appeared first, she answered yes, she had
      received great comfort from him. "I do not speak of St. Michael's
      voice, but of his great comfort." Asked which was the first voice to
      come to her, about the age of thirteen, she answered that it was St.
      Michael whom she saw before her eyes; and he was not alone, but
      accompanied by many angels from heaven. She said also that she came
      into France only by the instruction of God. Asked if she saw St.
      Michael and the angels corporeally and in reality, she answered that
      she saw them with her bodily eyes as well as she saw the assessors
      of the trial. And when St. Michael and the angels left her, she
      wept, and fain would have been taken with them. Asked, on the same
      day, if there was a light with the voices, she answered there was a
      great deal of light, on all sides, as was most fitting.
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