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28588Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: sorry folks, but have to repeat myself once again

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  • Frank Smith
    Aug 2, 2006
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      On 8/2/06, Guenter <gkreidl@...> wrote:

      that's wrong. The decision to make the the printed lectures public was
      met by Rudolf Steiner himself, when he saw, that they were availabale
      to anyone anyway. They got a kind of preamable, stating that

      Right, my error. Although I think another reson was that he didn't want to A.S. to be regarded as some kind of secret society. 

      1. they were printed for students of the Free University ...

       For "members" of the Free University.... (gotcha)

      2. they may contain errors (which they do!)

      3. the content can only be understood by people who know the written
      works and is only discussed with such.

      Actually,  "...the leadership of the University reserves the right to  deny in advance the validity of any judgement of these publications which are not based on the same training from they they have been derived..."

      Btw, did you ever reply to my query as to why you think that "understanding soul" (instead of "intellectual soul") is wrong for "Verstandesseele"?  I'm very interested in this because I don't want to make errors in future translations by insisting on  "understanding". Thanks.
      many of the early lectures (1900 - 1906 approximately) are not
      reproduced from reliable stenograms, but from notes taken by different

      and there is another, even more important aspect of the lectures: most
      of them were addressed to a certain kind of people, who were once
      described by Steiner himself as "mehr schlichte Gemüter" (more simple
      minded). When he started to talk about logic & thinking, for example,
      they complained that they could not understand anything. This slowly
      changed after WW I when more young people from the universities
      entered the society. So most of the lectures must be considered as
      "popular anthroposophy", not as "Spiritual Science".


      > I ain't pickin on you, Joel, but that's not quite the case, about the
      > lectures I mean. The lectures were recorded by stenographers almost
      from day
      > one, obviously with his blessing. (In fact almost every word the guy
      > said was recorded.) However, the printed lectures were only meant for
      > members of the Free University for Spiritual Science. Marie Steiner
      > after his death to make them public, at least partially because they
      > circulating anyway, often in debased form.
      > Frank

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