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28319Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] the Asuras

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Jul 24, 2006
      Joel wrote:

      >The tendency among anthroposophists to ascribe
      >deep and conscious acts of human evil to the
      >asuric powers, I find not very logical.

      Thank you, Joel. Georg Unger points out a couple
      of things on this topic: That we know very
      little about the Mystery of Evil and especially
      the Asuras, and why; and that evil, as we imagine it, does not exist:

      I return to my assertion: nuclear energy has to
      do with the third force, but it is not the third
      force itself. Obviously, Anthroposophy is no easy
      matter- We will come back later to discuss this
      very fact, that it is in no way something simple.
      It is possible to find a statement, that in our
      Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch some force shall
      appear - electricity: and then the other forces
      shall appear in the sixth and seventh epochs.
      [“Geisteswissenschaftliche Erläuterungen zu
      Goethes Faust”, Band II, GA 273, Nov 2, 1907.]
      The fanatics can now try with their logic to
      assert that the atomic energy which now threatens
      us is, therefore, not at all he third force.

      That would, of course, be just as foolish as the
      other possibility which we have previously
      considered: we have Lucifer = fallen light =
      electricity; we have Ahriman = evil chemical
      ether = magnetism; and therefore we must have the
      Asuras = fallen life ether = nuclear energy.
      Naturally it would be foolishness to think that!
      But one must make an effort, and call to mind
      that Rudolf Steiner in 1909 said only a few
      things about the Asuras [“The Deed of Christ”, GA
      107, Jan & Mar. 1909], and thereafter said almost
      nothing - at the most, I would say, he only
      mentioned them in passing. For when we discuss
      these beings we approach a deep mystery which we
      must come to know - the mystery of evil. Without
      a knowledge of the mystery of evil we can, in
      fact, simply not understand enough; and we find
      ourselves thus in danger of gravely
      misunderstanding certain isolated passages. Today
      there are already certain misunderstandings,
      derived from a detailed yet incomplete quotation
      from “The Etherization of the Blood”; and these
      misunderstandings have been spread widely by
      certain people who have quite a large following,
      and who depict Steiner to be a proponent of
      Satanism. A terrible and ill-willed
      misunderstanding! There is still another aspect
      which we must consider with regard to the problem
      of the third force. For even now it is not at all
      clear in what way the technology of the future,
      which will in part rest upon the consonance of
      vibrations, will be connected with this rather
      coarse technology of nuclear energy. That is
      simply not yet on the surface. Perhaps we must
      say we have to be glad it is not yet there.

      In the lectures about World-Being and Egohood,
      Rudolf Steiner gives a picture of the polarity
      between East and West. There he contrasts two
      men: a well-known Russian, Tolstoy, and a
      relatively little-known American inventor, Keely,
      of whom I spoke in my last lecture. Keely thought
      he had an engine which operated purely from human
      forces. Steiner speaks in this lecture of the
      symbols of Jachim and Boas, and how it is
      possible for the profound secrets contained in
      them to be misused by secret brotherhoods. “There
      is very, very much contained in the old preserved
      symbols. Our age is called upon to understand
      these things, to penetrate into them The contrast
      which will at one point be experienced between
      all that which is truly spiritual and that which
      will approach us when Keely’s motor actually
      becomes reality, from the West, will be a much
      stronger contrast than exists today between
      Tolstoy’s world view and that which now
      approaches us from the East. Oh, these things
      cannot be further spoken of!” So he speaks in
      this passage. And that is connected with the
      mystery of evil and the silence which Rudolf
      Steiner maintained with regard to the Asuras. One
      senses from this utterance that one simply cannot
      speak further about this matter. If someone comes
      and says, “I would like to study quite quickly
      all that which Rudolf Steiner says about the
      Asuras,” then one must say to him, “You can do
      that quickly, indeed, but you will still have
      nothing. You will only have something when you
      understand why he was silent about this point.”

      Let us, therefore, consider here the mystery of
      evil. The problem of evil is just that, that it
      is a mystery. To the extent that I am able to
      formulate it - I speak on my own responsibility,
      and not with reference to Rudolf Steiner -there
      are three steps necessary for our present
      consideration. The first is hard enough to
      understand, and many of us will find much there
      to dwell upon before we really understand it.
      That is, that after one has made only the very
      first steps towards understanding the world as an
      evolution of the spirit, one comes to realize
      that evil, as we imagine it, does not in fact
      exist. I could quote such words from Rudolf
      Steiner, but I would prefer not to: one must not
      take such things out of their proper context. His
      words, however, have to do with that first stage
      of a development which was made possible for man
      by the “good Gods” - a development in which man,
      as we know him, is called to freedom. All that
      goes along with this evolution is - good. All
      that opposes itself to it is – evil. And whenever
      man sets himself against this development, he is
      - in this connection – evil! Steiner himself, at
      one point, called it the “Mystery or the
      relativity of good and evil.” Anyone who knows
      Steiner knows that he did not here propose some
      shallow relativism definitely not. But one must
      hring oneself to a certain level of comprehension
      in order to to understand what is meant thereby.

      ( - Georg Unger: “The Nature of Sub-Sensible
      Forces”, published in “Matematisch-physikalische
      Korrespondenz”, No 108, 1978, and contained in
      the booklet “On Nuclear Energy and the Occult
      Atom”, Anthroposophic Press, 1982. )

      There is nothing wrong about shooting the breeze
      on these topics, nor even to present the wildest
      spins and fantasies as alleged results of
      research without source references. But if
      Bondarev allowed his personal biases and
      prejudices to influence his treatment of an
      extremely complicated and advanced topic where
      knowledge, even among anthroposophists, is
      exceptionally limited, to the extent that he
      attributes "asuric infestation" specifically to
      Jews, while at the same time expressing doubts of
      the holocaust as known historical event, then the
      Vorstand at the Goethanum, regardless of their
      various shortcomings and faults in other matters,
      did the right thing when they would no longer
      recognize Bondarev as a member of the
      Anthroposophical Society. And if Georg Unger had
      something to do with this decision, which the
      info we have received earler here about this
      matter seems to indicate, the above excerpt from
      his lecture about sub-sensible forces where he
      mentions the riddle of the Asuras, should
      conttibute to our understanding of this. The
      targeting of one specific ethnic group for
      allegations of being a channel for asuric evil is
      gross, in addition to being based upon sloppy research.

      It's true like Bradford says, that I'm often a
      rabble-rouser and circus master and a quarrelsome
      fellow who strikes out in all directions, but I'm
      not playing with this thing, and my appeal to sobriety and balance is no joke.

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