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28318Lord Matreya (was Anthroposophia)

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  • dottie zold
    Jul 24, 2006
      Dear Jean Marc,

      I think if we would like to look at this mystery there are a few
      things that would have to be considered first: who are the ones
      considered to be the 'teachers' of mankind, and what are their
      relationships to Rudolf Steiner, Buddha and the Archangels of our

      So, if you are interested I'd be interested in looking at the two
      students of Mani and those of Zarathustra. And....and I think we have
      to consider how Count Saint Germain is in the mix.

      Do you wanna do this step by step? If you do I think we really have
      to consider keeping Count Saint Germain in the picture even though
      Anthroposophists really don't seem to consider him too much. I am not
      sure why. Maybe it is because Rudolf Steiner did not really say to
      much about him, although one really big thing he said was that Count
      Saint Germain was an incarnation of Christian Rosenkroix.

      Looking at the book From Buddha to Christ it occurs to me once more
      that things just jump off the page at me with thoughts. Yet when I
      share them with others they seem to not make any sense a'tall. I mean
      none, its almost like they are sense free thinking that actually
      makes no sense to anyone else. But, that is going far afield and you
      and I are gonna take it one step at a time.

      So, ready?

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